Friday, May 29, 2009

New Stake In Florida

A new stake of the Church was recently created in the Tampa Bay area. The Bradenton Florida Stake was created from stakes in Fort Myers, Brandon, and Tampa. The new stake likely has eight wards and four branches (which is one of the largest new stakes I've ever seen created). This is a trend I have noticed with new stakes in the United States in the past year, with most having eight or nine wards. In the past most new stakes in the United States have five to seven wards when the stake is first organized. We do see some smaller stakes in the United States still created, such as the Pleasant Grove Utah West Stake which only had six wards when it was organized.

There are 25 stakes in Florida and over 131,000 members of the Church. The only area in Florida where we might see a new stake in the near future is in the Jacksonville area.

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