Sunday, May 24, 2009

First Stake In Mongolia Created Today

The first stake in Mongolia was created today from the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar District. I already wrote a post about the news when I received it towards the end of last month (follow the link for more information). According to senior missionaries serving in Mongolia, the new stake does not include all the branches in the district and a new district was created on the same day for branches in the eastern part of the city, named the Ulaanbaatar Mongolia East District.

Growth has increased in the past year or so in Mongolia, with missionaries indicating that the mission has recently broke previous records for convert baptisms in a month and Church attendance. Most of the members live in Ulaanbaatar (the capital) or in the Darkhan Mongolia District which is to the north of Ulaanbaatar. Missionaries have reported that branches in the isolated towns of Choibalsan, Erdenet and Hovd have grown to around 150-200, making it likely for more congregations to be organized considering branches typically have 50-100 or so active members.


Reed Wahlquist said...

I tried to send you material about the Church in Mongolia, but it exceeded your character limit. It is compiled from many sources over several years, and is about 4 1/2 pages long. If you are interested, let me know how to get it to you. A devoted reader to your blog. Reed

Matt said...

Thanks for your interest. You can email the information you compiled to me at

I appreciate your interest in the blog.

andrew said...

Sorry Matt I am sure that a Stake was not organized last Sunday because it is due to be organized on the 7th. It was postponed because they had some elections on the 24th so the government decided that there could be no large non political meetings. I am certain of this because I know the Mission President there and have been in contact with him So I guess you will have to do some explaining. To back up my evidence I happen to know that Elder Hallstrom will not be in UB until the 7th, the new actual postponed date for the stake organization

JonErik said...

Still - it is something to celebrate that a Stake WILL be established in Mongolia! Thanks Matt for this excellent blog and all the information that you share with us. I enjoy checking back here each week for the updates on growth. You're doing a fantastic job!