Tuesday, May 19, 2009

District Dissolved In Brazil

The Aracati Brazil District has been dissolved. Located near Fortaleza, the district was organized in 2003 and had three branches. It is likely that most, if not all, the branches were absorbed in the Fortaleza Brazil East Stake (which recently split at the end of last year). Unlike many of the districts in northeastern Brazil, the district in Aracati did not mature into a stake. This consolidation might have been done in order for some of the branches to become wards, but there were not enough branches in the district to make it into a stake. A similar situation recently occurred in Mexico in the Acambaro México District, where two of the branches in the district transferred into the Morelia México Stake and became wards (one of which was the branch in Acambaro, suggesting that the district might be renamed considering the city the district is named after is now not in the district). However in the latter example the district is still operating. There are now 51 districts in Brazil.

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