Monday, April 7, 2014

Updated Missionary Numbers

The Church recently posted a brief article providing current figures for the number of full-time missionaries serving. As of March 31st, 2014, the Church reported the following statistics on its full-time missionary force:
  • 85,039 members serving full-time missionaries. This is 2,004 more than at year-end 2013; a 2.4% increase in three months. There were 65,634 full-time missionaries on April 4th, 2013.
  • 14,375 members who have received mission calls but not yet set apart. In April 2013, there were over 20,000 members who had received mission calls but had not yet been set apart.
  • 6,306 members working on their missionary application. In April 2013, there were approximately 6,000 members working on their missionary applications.
  • The full-time missionary force is currently 64% elders, 28% sisters, and 8% senior couples. In October 2013, the missionary force was 68% elders, 24% sisters, and 8% senior couples.
These statistics indicate that the number of members submitting missionary applications remains strong despite less substantial increases in the number of full-time missionaries serving. Perhaps the number of missionaries will continue to increase to over 90,000 by the end of 2014.


Ed Clinch said...

A little follow up to Chilean missions. A while ago I read where a person said there were only 9 LDS missions in the country. There are 10. The 7th mission was,I believe, Santiago East in the 1990s, and then quickly Santiago West. In the early 2000s we had the Concepcion South Mission created, which pushed farthest south Osorno Mission further down. Most recently, the 10th mission became Santiago South again because some years before it had become headquartered south of the Santiago metro area in Rancagua, which still exists.
Geographically, the current Santiago South mission is very small. Maybe comparable to small Long Beach, CA or SLC mission.
Also, based on church maturity and commitment, the current missionary forces in Chile seem to be much more diverse than ever before. In the 90s, it might have been 60% US, 37 % Chileno, and 3 % everybody else. Now, it seems that there are significant numbers of Argentines, Peruanos, Colombians. and many other nations, primarily of Spanish origin.
I guess the latest numbers of actual members enrolled is around 575,000, with maybe 10% active, with another 10% marginally attached. I am sure the missionaries do a lot of re-activation efforts.

In Angol, Chile (9th region, in Concepcion South Mission), there might be 50,000 people. I would venture that between 5 to 10 thousand of them have been baptized! But there are probably not too many more than 500 that actively participate in 4 or so wards.
In Puente Alto, a suburb of southeast Santiago, there might be 250,000 people total, and maybe they have 15,000 people on the record books. Maybe not as much as that. Chile would be a fascinating place to figure out what cities have the highest and lowest percentages of people baptized on the books, active or not.

Thanks to all those who have or will serve the Lord in Chile. And everywhere else.

Mike Johnson said...

The Formosa Ward, Sorocaba Brazil Santana Stake, was created on 30 March. There are now 7 wards in the stake:

Carol Ward
Formosa Ward
Paineiras Ward
Parque das Laranjeiras Ward
Progresso Ward
Santana Ward
Éden Ward

The River Road Ward, Midway Utah Stake, was created on 30 March. There are now 12 wards in the stake:

Charleston Ward
Deer Creek Ward
Dutch Canyon Ward
Fox Den Ward
Memorial Hill Ward
Midway 2nd Ward
Midway YSA Ward
River Road Ward
Swiss Alpine Ward
Wallsburg 1st Ward
Wallsburg 2nd Ward
Wasatch Mountain Ward

The Ibafo Branch, Lagos Nigeria Stake, was created on 23 March. There are now 6 wards and 4 branches in the stake:

Ikeja Ward
Ikorodu Ward
Ogba Ward
Ojodu Ward
Surulere Ward
Yaba Ward
Akute Branch
Ibafo Branch
Igbogbo Branch
Itamaga Branch

Ray said...

I have sent a comment to the blog announcing the two new missions giving the totals of new wards and branches for March and for the year through the end of March. They are broken down by continent and by country and include stakes, districts, and the one temple dedicated so far this year. These changes were reported on the Church Directory of Officers and Leaders (CDOL).

The Opinion said...

According to Elder Zwick of the missionary dept., they do not foresee the missionary force to drop below 80,000 for the next ten years. They believe around 2018 it will top 100,000. This is the report he gave our stake leadership a couple of months ago.

Ed Clinch said...

I wonder if the% ofRMs will go up remaining active.