Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Updated List of the Countries with the Most Latter-day Saints without a Stake or District

I recently updated the list of countries with the most members without a stake and I also wanted to update the list of countries with the most members without a stake or district. The 2012 list for these countries can be found here.

A district resembles a stake in that it is an administrative organization that includes congregations. However, a district can only include branches and does not have as much autonomy as a stake. For example, a mission president conducts temple recommend interviews and most priesthood matters defer to the mission president. A district is an important preparatory step toward the Church become self-sufficient in an area. Many countries currently without their own stake or district have few available local priesthood holders due to low member activity rates or recent converts with limited leadership experience comprising the bulk of nominal church membership.

Each country and territory is provided below with the number of members, number of branches, and current, if any, affiliation with another stake or district.  Countries in green appear likely to have their first districts/stakes created in the near future, countries in yellow generally have a large number of recent converts and few active priesthood holders to hold leadership positions but high likelihood to have districts organized in the coming years, countries in red have member activity issues or too few members that prevent the creation of a district in the foreseeable future, countries in blue pertain to other stakes or districts and do not appear likely to become their own districts due to reasonably close proximity to their current stake or district headquarters, and countries in dark blue have a poor likelihood of the organization of their first district due to few members spread over large geographic areas.
  1. Bulgaria - 2,402 members - 9 branches
  2. Macau - 1,347 members - 2 branches
  3. Bahamas - 962 members - 2 branches, 1 group?
  4. Lesotho - 838 members - 3 branches - part of the Bloemfontein South Africa Stake
  5. Northern Mariana Islands - 779 members - 1 branch - part of the Barrigada Guam Stake
  6. Namibia - 775 members - 2 branches, 1 group
  7. Greece - 748 members - 4 branches, 2 groups?
  8. US Virgin Islands - 585 members - 2 branches
  9. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines - 578 members - 2 branches, 1 group
  10. Curacao - 588 members - 1 branch
  11. Aruba - 507 members - 2 branches
  12. Palau - 447 members - 1 branch
  13. Mauritius - 442 members - 2 branches
  14. Luxembourg - 358 members - 1 ward - part of the Nancy France Stake
  15. French Guiana - 362 members - 1 branch, 1 group?
  16. Grenada - 279 members - 1 branch
  17. Turkey - 293 members - 4 branches
  18. Jersey - 307 members - 1 ward - part of the Poole England Stake
  19. Burundi - 300 members? - 2 branches
  20. Isle of Man - 300 members - 1 ward - part of the Liverpool England Stake
  21. Niue - 280 members - 2 branches
  22. Iceland - 268 members - 2 branches
  23. Saint Lucia - 263 members - 2 branches, 1 group?
  24. Republic of Georgia - 250 members - 1 branch, 1 group
  25. Laos - 245 members? - 1 branch
  26. Kazakhstan - 240 members - 1 branch, 1 group
  27. Slovakia - 203 members - 4 branches, 3 groups - part of the Brno Czech Republic District
  28. Saint Maarten/Saint Martin - 232 members - 1 branch
  29. Rwanda - 221 members - 3 branches
  30. Antigua and Barbuda - 209 members - 1 branch
  31. Tuvalu - 205 members, 1 branch
  32. Cayman Islands - 204 members, 1 branch
Of these 32 countries and dependencies, 12 once had districts but no longer do, namely Bulgaria (2), the Bahamas, Namibia, Greece, Curacao, Aruba, Palau, Mauritius, French Guiana, Turkey, Niue, and Iceland.


Will said...

So I've heard that the Brethren have stopped calling Americans to Brazil and that it will be effectively self-sustaining now.

Mike Johnson said...

The Cerro Grande Branch, Tegucigalpa Honduras La Esperanza Stake, was created on 20 April. There are now 7 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

El Sitio Ward
La Esperanza Ward
La Travesía Ward
Santa María Ward
Treinta de Julio Ward
Veintiocho de Marzo Ward
Villa Olímpica Ward
Cerro Grande Branch
Santa Lucía Branch
Valle de Angeles Branch

The Dreaming Summit Ward, Goodyear Arizona Stake, was created on 13 April. There are now 11 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Canyon Trails Ward
Corte Sierra Ward
Dreaming Summit Ward
Goodyear Ward
La Loma Ward
Litchfield Park Ward
Palm Valley Ward
Sarival Ward
Savannah Ward
Verrado Ward
Waddell Ward
Rio Vista Branch (Spanish)

The Rexburg YSA 95th Ward, Rexburg Idaho YSA 2nd Stake, was created on 20 April. There are now 11 wards in the stake:

Rexburg YSA 10th Ward
Rexburg YSA 12th Ward
Rexburg YSA 15th Ward
Rexburg YSA 21st Ward
Rexburg YSA 26th Ward
Rexburg YSA 33rd Ward
Rexburg YSA 48th Ward
Rexburg YSA 49th Ward
Rexburg YSA 69th Ward
Rexburg YSA 70th Ward
Rexburg YSA 95th Ward

Mike Johnson said...

The Lynbrook New York Stake 6 wards and 3 branches:

Flushing 2nd Ward
Freeport Ward
Jamaica 1st Ward
Jamaica 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Little Neck Ward
Lynbrook Ward
Flushing 1st Branch (Spanish)
Flushing 3rd Branch (Korean)
Mineola Branch (Spanish)

Mike Johnson said...

>>>Northern Mariana Islands - 779 members - 1 branch - part of the Barrigada Guam Stake

For the record, it is the Saipan Ward and not a branch that covers Saipan and Tinian and is inside the Barrigada Guam Stake.

Bryan Dorman said...

where is that info at will?

That bit about Americans no longer going to Brasil?

Mike Johnson said...

>>>Bahamas - 962 members - 2 branches, 1 group?

The New Providence and Grand Bahama branches. The Jamaica Kingston Mission Branch covers most of the islands in the Bahamas--and only has jurisdiction in the Bahamas. If a district were to form, say the Nassau Bahamas District, I would guess the Jamaica Kingston Mission Branch would become the Nassau Bahamas District Branch. The mission president is the mission branch president and before he began serving in 2013 as mission president, he was the principal of the Nassau Seminary from 2010. It might not be until 2016 when he is released as mission president that a district is set up.

Ed Clinch said...

I wonder how the missionaries are increasing in Rwanda and Burundi. Great potential there.
My VA Stake has many misionarios em Brazil. It would be surprising if they were the last US people sent there.

richdmort said...

A young man from my ward in North Carolina just got called to Brazil last week. He leaves in July.

Will said...

Well I'll admit it's more hearsay, but the San Jose California mission had been a waystation for missionaries waiting for visas. The local missionary couple says the last one recently left and they don't expect anymore. I also from siblings and my wife that served in Brazil that they have been pushing to be self-sustaining for awhile. This probably won't mean zero Americans, just mostly Brazilian and South Americans.

Altogether when missionaries are called from their home country it's better all around. They understand the culture right off the bat and when they complete their missions they know exactly how to do missionary work at home. It provides lots of quality strength and growth locally. Everyone is more trusting and invested. And there is less likely to be this fly-by-night baptizing.

Mike Johnson said...

The Maribago Ward, Mandaue Philippines Stake, was created on 30 March. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Lapu-Lapu 1st Ward
Lapu-Lapu 2nd Ward
Lapu-Lapu 3rd Ward
Mandaue 2nd Ward
Mandaue 4th Ward
Mandaue 1st Ward
Maribago Ward
Marigondon Ward
Pajo Ward

The Burma Branch, Kenema Sierra Leone District, Sierra Leone Freetown Mission, was created on 20 April. There are now 5 branches in the district:

Burma Branch
Hangha Road Branch
IDA Branch
Kenema Branch
Simbeck Branch

Joseph said...

Here is a very interesting interview on how testimonies of Christ are spreading in the Muslim world.


Ed Clinch said...

I have read Christianity Today (CT) over the years since 1997. While they have many thought provoking articles and writers and reports, many of which are incredibly informative, I cannot help but note that there is an anti-Mormon strain there.
That said, many of their articles testify and speak of Christ and His missionary work very well, which is unfortunate when they try to contradict us (LDS) in our basic doctrines and beliefs of Jesus Christ.
There is a constant pull and tug between LDS and other denominations, which is nice to see when we work together. For Jesus. United.
But the Lord's work goes forth regardless of denomination, and that is the main thing.
Overall, it is magazine that I recommend. I just wish I could help their writers and readership understand the Restoration and Book of Mormon a lot more.

Gabby said...

Will - Unfortunately, unless they intend to drastically reduce the number of missions in Brazil, there is no way Brazil could be self-sustaining. Well more than half of the missionaries currently serving in Brazil are American, and very Brazilians are called to serve outside of Brazil.

soc. man I am ---------------- said...

If the lynbrook stake took 4 units from the Queens stake - did the queens stake add any units?

Gnesileah said...

It sounds like a new stake is being formed in western North Dakota next month, probably based out of Minot.


Ray said...

ngstvind andGnesileah,

Great news!

My son is there near Dickinson right now and says there's so much work available in the oil industry that employers just can't find enough help. I understand the Dickinson and Minot Wards divided recently and that the Bismarck Stake has gotten very large.

Mike Johnson said...

The Baao Branch, Iriga Philippines District, Philippines Naga Mission, was created on 6 Apr 2014, . There are now 6 branches in the district:

Baao Branch
Bato Branch
Buhi Branch
Cotnogan Branch
Iriga 1st Branch
Iriga 2nd Branch

The Canaã dos Carajás Branch, Brazil Belém Mission, was created on 13 April. There are now 4 independent branches in the mission:

Barcarena Brazil District
Brazil Belém Mission Branch
Canaã dos Carajás Branch
Marabá Branch
Parauapebas Branch

Mike Johnson said...

There are now 16 stakes in New York.

The New York New York South Mission covers the following stakes (and also is the parent for the Bermuda Branch):

Brooklyn New York Stake (7 wards; 4 branches)

Bensonhurst Ward
Dyker Heights 1st Ward (Spanish)
Midwood 1st Ward
Midwood 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Park Slope Ward
Staten Island 1st Ward
Staten Island 3rd Ward (Spanish)
Bushwick 1st Branch
Bushwick 2nd Branch (Spanish)
Dyker Heights 4th Branch (Chinese)
Park Slope YSA Branch

Lynbrook New York Stake (6 wards; 3 branches)

Flushing 2nd Ward
Freeport Ward
Jamaica 1st Ward
Jamaica 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Little Neck Ward
Lynbrook Ward
Flushing 1st Branch (Spanish)
Flushing 3rd Branch (Korean)
Mineola Branch (Spanish)

Plainview New York Stake (6 wards; 4 branches)

Bay Shore Ward
Brentwood Ward (Spanish)
Huntington Ward
Plainview Ward
South Shore Ward
Terryville Ward
Hampton Bays Branch
Patchogue Branch (Spanish)
Plainview YSA Branch
Riverhead Branch

Woodside New York Stake (5 wards; 4 branches)

Astoria Ward
Rego Park 1st Ward
Rego Park 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Richmond Hill 3rd Ward (Spanish)
Woodside Ward (Spanish)
Belle Harbor Branch
Queens YSA Branch
Richmond Hill 1st Branch
Rockaway Branch (Spanish)

Mike Johnson said...

Currently, the Bismarck North Dakota Stake has 8 wards and 7 branches. 4 wards and 1 branch have been created since 2011:

Dickinson 1st Ward 510 East Museum Dr Dickinson ND 58601 1-Jan-53
Bismarck 1st Ward 1500 Country W Rd Bismarck ND 58503 22-Aug-54
Williston 1st Ward 1805 26th St W Williston ND 58801 1-Jan-55
Minot 1st Ward 2025 9th Street NW Minot ND 58701 26-Dec-76
Minot 2nd Ward 2025 9th Street NW Minot ND 58701 1-Jan-77
Rugby Branch 202 2nd St. SW Rugby ND 58368 20-Jul-79
Beulah Branch Murray Dr & Cottontail Dr East Beulah ND 58523 25-Jul-79
Fort Yates Branch 200 Oahe Fort Yates ND 58538 25-Jul-79
McLaughlin Branch 804 Main St McLaughlin SD 57642 25-Jul-79
New Town Branch 608 1st St N New Town ND 58763 30-Jul-79
Watford City Branch 400 Vine Street Arnegard ND 58835 18-Mar-82
Bismarck 2nd Ward 1500 Country W Rd Bismarck ND 58503 27-Feb-11
Williston 2nd Ward 1805 26th St W Williston ND 58801 26-Feb-12
Stanley Branch Stanley Community Center Stanley ND 58784 17-Jun-12
Minot 3rd Ward 2025 9th Street NW Minot ND 58701 10-Feb-13
Dickinson 2nd Ward 510 East Museum Dr Dickinson ND 58601 12-Jan-14

The date is the creation date in CDOL. If a ward was originally a branch, it is the date of creation as a branch. If the congregation was inactivated and then reactivated, it is the date of the original creation.

Mike Johnson said...

There are now 198 wards and branches (165 wards and 33 branches) in Virginia. That is up one congregation from the last time I checked a few weeks ago. No new congregation is showing up as just being created, so likely a branch that had been inactivated has now been reactivated. I have yet to determine which unit it is.

Mike Johnson said...

On my post about the Bismarck North Dakota State, that should have read 9 wards and 7 branches.

Ed Clinch said...

FYI: Look for future church/ward growth in Virginia in Loudoun County, particularly the Ashburn Stake, which covers pretty much the whole county. Many people are moving here, the numbers of members moving in is constant, which is predicted to be at least a ward plus in the near future. We have a new "stake center adaptable" chapel being built in the the area of Aldie/South Riding, near our newest converted ward Tall Cedars, which has been sharing a building with the Centreville Stake to the south in Prince William County.
I think I have mentioned this before.
If someone could post a link to the CDOL, I have been too lazy to look it up.
Loudoun County added a new high school two years ago in that area of Aldie; there are two new high schools opening soon in Ashburn/Landsdowne (central county), which translates to new jobs, move-ins, membership increase.

Maybe the new stake to be formed would be called... Aldie Stake? Hmmm...Maybe I am counting on this change too soon. Some think that Fredericksburg VA is close to splitting...They are also growing fast, maybe have more units.

Also, nearby Reston in the Oakton Stake (Fairfax County) is predicted to have more move-ins due to the "grey line" metro rail coming in, making its way to the airport farther west past Herndon.

Missionaries and convert baptisms are up.

Wards: Hamilton, Catoctin, Potomacs Crossing, Goose Creek, Belmont Ridge, Ashburn, Brambleton, Tall Cedars, Algonkian, Sterling Park, and Shenandoah Singles Ward. The YSA ward is small, it should be a branch statistically but they have strong priesthood.

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

>>>Tall Cedars, which has been sharing a building with the Centreville Stake to the south in Prince William County

Ed, I first discovered this situation a few years ago. There are three wards in this building in three different stakes--the other two wards are in Fairfax County.

Tall Cedars Ward, Ashburn Virginia Stake
Centreville 1st Ward, Centreville Virginia Stake
Fair Oaks Ward, Oakton Virginia Stake

Building is at 14911 Willard Rd, Chantilly

The dump of Virginia congregations I did last night from CDOL still has all three in that building. I am trying to find that 198th unit in Virginia I discovered--it isn't a new creation and thus must be a restoration of a previously discontinued unit.

Ok, I was at a presentation yesterday where the briefer showed slides he had recently briefed in an interfaith group in Fairfax County. He indicated that there were about 125 congregations in Virginia. So, I mentioned to him afterwards that there are actually 197. When I opened up CDOL and it showed 198, which made me a bit excited--165 wards and 33 branches.

Ed Clinch said...

That's right! Different, huh? Many GPS addresses listed in Chantilly are now South Riding...But I have been to that building near Westfield HS and it probably still is Chantilly. But as I intimated, that area is booming and will get more building space soon.

Matt said...

Bountiful 8th Midsingles Ward (31-45), Bountiful Utah Heights Stake created serving Midsingles in South Davis County.

Ed Clinch said...

I forgot to list the Leesburg Ward in the list of Ashburn units...So that makes a total of 12, right?

I wonder if you could find the missing unit by counting or naming the wards/units per stake. Would the LDS.org map have this?

Also, is it possible that a Maryland or North Carolina (or WV) stake has a floating/stray VA unit?

Also, Buena Vista is a little center for I don't know how many units...

Fun puzzle to have. Good luck.

MLewis82 said...

FYI - Last night the New York, NY Stake had a fireside for mid-singles (31-45) and announced that a new mid-singles branch would be created effective this coming Sunday. The new branch president was introduced, and all mid-singles were given the option to continue to attend their current ward or to transfer their records over to the new branch. The new branch will meet at the Lincoln Center building (the same building as the temple) from 3-6pm.

By my count that will put 15 units in the stake, with what was announced as around 6,000 members, so the stake may be a good candidate for getting split in the near future.

Mike Johnson said...

The ward that was added in Virginia is the Abingdon Ward, Kingsport Tennessee Stake. Now, that ward was created in 2011, but has been missing from several CDOL dumps over the past year. Perhaps, this was simply correction and not a new unit being created or recreated.

Ed Clinch said...

That is cool. After making my suggestions, I recalled how Bristol straddles that state border and I looked at the two units there. I think that Ward shares a building with Bristol Ward. 200 is around the corner.