Tuesday, April 29, 2014

New District Created in Vanuatu

Last Sunday, the Church organized a new district in Vanuatu.

The Tanna Vanuatu District was organized from a division of the Port Vila Vanuatu District and includes the following five branches: The Greenhill, Greenpoint, Saetsiwi, White Sands, and Whitegrass Branches. Three member groups also appear to operate within the district in Lapangtawa, Lemdewakel, and Port Resolution. The Church has experienced rapid growth on Tanna within the past decade and today some of the branches have as many as 300 members attending church.

There are now four districts on Vanuatu. One district (Port Vila) appears close to becoming a stake, whereas one district (Luganville) appears close to splitting to create a new district on Ambae Island.


Mike Johnson said...

The Sunset Haven Ward, Saratoga Springs Utah Crossroads Stake, was created on 27 April. There are now 12 wards in the stake:

Aspen Hills Ward
Harvest Hills 1st Ward
Harvest Hills 8th Ward
Harvest Hills 10th Ward
Riverside Ward
Saratoga Springs 7th Ward
Saratoga Springs 9th Ward
Saratoga Springs 10th Ward
Sunrise Meadows 1st Ward
Sunrise Meadows 2nd Ward
Sunrise Meadows 3rd Ward
Sunset Haven Ward

The Tanna Vanuatu District, Vanuatu Port Vila Mission, was created on 27 April. There are 5 branches in the district:

Greenhill Branch
Greenpoint Branch
Saetsiwi Branch
White Sands Branch
Whitegrass Branch

The Tiffany Springs Ward, Platte City Missouri Stake, was created on 27 April. There are now 10 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Leavenworth 1st Ward
Leavenworth 2nd Ward
Maryville Ward
New Mark Ward
Parkville Ward
Platte City Ward
Platte Woods Ward
St Joseph 1st Ward
St Joseph 2nd Ward
Tiffany Springs Ward
Albany Branch
Platte City YSA Branch

Mike Johnson said...

Great information about the Church in Vanuatu.

Joseph said...

I've been waiting for this for a bit ever since I learned Facebook was working to get on feature phones

It will be a great boon in places like Africa.


Ed Clinch said...

Many Polynesians and islanders consider themselves children of Lehi; while Vanuatu is more Melanesia, it is wonderful to see this membership and unit growth where about one in 50 are LDS. The Pacific Islands will continue to prosper with such progress.

Mike Johnson said...

The Assomada 2nd Ward and Calheta Branch, Praia Cape Verde Stake, were created on 13 and 20 April, respectively. There are now 9 wards and 5 branches in the stake:

Assomada 1st Ward
Assomada 2nd Ward
Palmarejo Ward
Praia 1st Ward
Praia 2nd Ward
Praia 3rd Ward
Praia 4th Ward
Praia 5th Ward
Tarrafal Ward
Achada Grande Branch
Calheta Branch
Chão Bom Branch
Eugénio Lima Branch
Ribeirão Manuel Branch

Note, there is a missionary blog which states that the Achada Grande became a ward and named the bishop. But, it is still listed in CDOL as a branch.