Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Districts Discontinued

Two districts were discontinued in the Caribbean. The Oranjestad Aruba and Curacao Netherlands Antilles Districts were both discontinued, with their branches now reporting directly to the Puerto Rico San Juan West Mission. There were 458 members in three branches in Aruba and 889 members in five branches in the Netherlands Antilles at the end of 2008. Both of these districts were organized in 2004. The decision to discontinue these districts is likely due to inactivity and retention problems since these districts are distant from mission headquarters in Puerto Rico. These islands have seen some of the most rapid growth in membership in the past decade among countries/territories in the Caribbean with fewer than 1,000 members. Some of the most active, strong leaders may have been less able to assist in strengthening Church members in their local branches, contributing to these districts being discontinued.

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rfelsted said...

It's too bad when districts are discontinued, but one reason may be emigration of members, especially leadership, to the US or other countries with more opportunities.

The membership seems to be growing well in these islands so it's probably just a matter of time when the districts will be restored. The Port-of-Spain Trinidad Stake was just organized on a nearby island this March.