Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New District in Malaysia

A new district has been created in East Malaysia. The Sibu East Malaysia District was created from the Kuching East Malaysia District on November 29th and includes the three branches in the city of Sibu. With the creation of the new district, there are now six districts in the country.


rfelsted said...

Church growth has been phenomenal in Malaysia in the last few years. From records in the Church Almanac I see that membership was up 500 in 2004, 700 in 2005, and 1000 per year for the last 3 years. Do you know if this trend is continuing?

Also I note that the number of branches was 18 with 4 districts in 2003 and only 19 in 4 districts as of a year or so ago. There are 2 new districts since then and I wonder if you know how many branches or groups there are now? Thanks.

Matt said...

There are 23 branches and at least one group (a Chinese speaking group in Miri). Membership appears to continue to increase rapidly, although some cities in East Malaysia are seeing less rapid growth compared to last year.

Sister TAC said...

Sibu East Malaysia District now consists of 5 branches. There are three branches in the town of Sibu, one in the "suburb" area of Sibu Jaya and one in the nearby coastal community of Mukah. Mukah does not have fulltime young missionaries assigned to serve there.