Saturday, December 12, 2009

New District in Nigeria

A new district was created last Sunday in Nigeria. The Okrika Nigeria District was created from one of the Port Harcourt stakes. Okrika was originally its own ward, which has become a branch. Additional branches are likely included in rural areas to the south or east of Port Harcourt. The Bonny Branch to the south on Bonny Island is likely also included in the new district. Indicated by three districts created this year, the Church in Nigeria has continued to strengthen and reach rural areas better than any other Africa nation.

There are now 16 stakes and 17 districts in Nigeria. Still no word on the status of the Aba Nigeria Temple after its closure in August.


ElGuapo said...

Apologies for a question unrelated to Nigeria. Any idea what happened to It seems to have disappeared. Just wondered if you had heard anything since your site has a somewhat similar mission.

rfelsted said...

To Matt: I've also been unable to access the site for quite awhile and it was a great way to see stake boundaries worldwide up thru the early 2000s. I remember you said you were collaborating with the webmaster of that site on a big project. Is that why the site is down?

Matt said...

I haven't asked David about what's going on with his site. I imagine he is either planning on doing a major restructuring of it or scraping it altogether. I'll ask and let you know.