Saturday, December 26, 2009

District Discontinued in Honduras

Another district has been discontinued in Honduras. The Tocoa Honduras District was discontinued, with both branches now belonging to the Olanchito Honduras District. The Olanchito Honduras District now has six branches. Three other Honduran districts were discontinued earlier this year in La Entrada, Santa Barbara, and Tela. Unlike other countries with districts, Honduras has had a large number of districts which only have two or three branches. The decision to discontinue these districts allows for limited local leadership to focus on individual branches and not a district or prepares districts which combined that now have enough congregations to become stakes. Districts which may mature into stakes in the coming months and years include districts in Olanchito and Santa Rosa de Copan. A new stake has not been created in Honduras since 1997.

Membership growth continues to increase. Last year membership grew at nearly 4.5%, significantly higher than most of the past decade. Unfortunately congregations have not grown this year, which may indicate poor retention.


Ryan said...

according to ldschurchtemples, there were two more districts dissolved in honduras, Juticalpa Honduras District (now part of Catacamas Honduras District) and Guaymaca Honduras District (now part of Talanga Honduras District.)

Ryan said...

that makes 6 districts total dissolved in Honduras in the last 6 months