Thursday, September 17, 2009

Three New Districts In India In October

Missionaries serving in the India Bangalore Mission report that the First Presidency of the Church has approved the creation of three new districts in the country. These districts will be created October 11th. The new districts will be created in Chennai, Coimbatore and Vishakhapatnam. The district in Chennai will include at least two branches in the city, with a third branch likely to be created soon considering new districts usually have at least three branches and the two branches currently in Chennai are rather large. The district in Coimbatore will likely include the branch in Coimbatore as well as three other branches nearby. The district in Vishakhapatnam will likely include the three branches in the city as well as two branches in Rajahmundry and one branch in Kakinada. With the creation of these three new districts in India the number of districts will double to six.

These new districts in India have been the result of decades of missionary work and training leadership. The new districts will also likely facilitate the establishment of stakes in India considering the districts in Bangalore and Hyderabad will be able to focus on preparing the branches to become wards. There has been no timetable set forth for when districts may become stakes, but there have been longterm goals set for districts in the country to become stakes.

Currently there are 30 branches, three districts and two missions of the Church in India.


rfelsted said...

What's the third district in India besides Hyderabad and Delhi? I only see those two on the Hong Kong Temple site. Thanks for letting us know about the 3 new districts for next month--very good news indeed!

rfelsted said...

oops! I just checked again and I missed Bangalore as the 3d district. Plese delete this comment or whatever--I was in too much of a hurry and missed it.