Friday, September 4, 2009

New Stake In Peru

According to a missionary serving in Peru Lima East Mission a new stake was created last Sunday, August 30th, in Lima. The Lima Peru Magnolias Stake was created from a division of the Lima Peru Bayovar Stake and possibly another stake or two. The new stake brings the total of stakes in the Lima metropolitan area to 37 and to 91 for the country. So far this year there have been three other new stakes created in Peru, two of which were in Lima. Membership is currently approaching 500,000.

We are likely to continue to see more new stakes organized in Lima and throughout the country in the coming months and years. Peru will likely be the next country to have at least 100 stakes. Currently only the United States, Mexico and Brazil have over 100 stakes. Chile had over 100 stakes from 1997 until 2002 when about one third of the stakes in the country were discontinued in order to strengthen already existing stakes and congregations.


andrew said...

Wow, Where is church membership at currently in Peru? Something like 470000. I wonder if in another 3-5 years the church in Peru will over take the church in Chile numerically. I guess they already have stake wise. I just feel so bad for Chile-I wonder if there will ever be 70x7 stakes after all.

rfelsted said...

The Lima Peru metropolitan area now has 37 stakes. I'm wondering if that is the largest number of stakes in a metropolitan area outside of Utah, or if Mexico City and/or Sao Paulo has more stakes.

Has there been a ranking of major metropolitan areas in the world by the number of stakes in those areas?

memoria said...

São Paulo has 71 stakes in the state.

Matt said...

I will make a post listing all cities with over 10 stakes soon.