Tuesday, September 8, 2009

New Stake In Brazil

A new stake was created last Sunday in São Paulo Brazil. The São Paulo Brazil Raposo Tavares stake was divided to create the São Paulo Brazil Cotia Stake. The new stake consists of seven wards and one branch stretching from Cotia on the east to Ibiúna on the west. Out of recently created stakes in Latin America, the São Paulo Brazil Cotia Stake is one of the new stakes with the most congregations. The Located on the western side of the city of São Paulo, the new stake includes many suburban communities or smaller towns outside of São Paulo and becomes the 29th stake to have São Paulo part of its name and the 37th stake in the São Paulo metropolitan area. There are now 228 stakes in Brazil.

We have seen strong, consistant growth in São Paulo with new wards and stakes created. There have been seven new stakes created in São Paulo since the beginning of 2007. However we are unlikely to see many new stakes created in São Paulo until more wards and branches are created in the area.

Below are a list of the seven recently created stakes in the city.

São Paulo Brazil Embu Stake: March 4, 2007
São Paulo Brazil Cumbica Stake: March 11, 2007
São Paulo Brazil Itaquá Stake: June 10, 2007
São Paulo Brazil Jardim da Saúde Stake: September 16, 2007
São Paulo Brazil Jaraguá Stake: November 23, 2008
São Paulo Brazil Casa Grande Stake: December 7, 2008
São Paulo Brazil Cotia Stake: September 6, 2009

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andrew said...

oh, I have a great idea! You should list the stakes that have a possibility of becoming discontinued. Or maybe it would be hard to find that out. Well I am glad that probably more stakes will be created this year than any other in this decade.