Monday, September 28, 2009

New District to be Created in South Africa

Missionaries serving in the South Africa Johannesburg Mission report that approval was given for the first district to be created in northeastern South Africa. The new district will likely include seven independent mission branches. Some of the branches in the new district are in the cities of Lenyenye, Mokopane, Polokwane, and Tzaneen. There has been no date provided for when the new district will be organized or what its name will be. I will post this information once it becomes available. Some of the branches in this region of the country have had inactivity and retention problems over the years. Missionaries hope that with the organization of a district for the branches, members and leadership will receive more training and assistance to help strengthen the Church in the area.

Once the district is organized there will be a total of four districts in South Africa and an additional 11 stakes. The last district to be created in South Africa was in Bloemfontein last June. The only areas in South Africa which I believe may receive new districts in the coming year or two would be around Johannesburg for outlying branches or in the South Africa Capetown Mission.


Rick said...

The Tzaneen South Africa District was created on November 29, 2009, with the following five branches: Lenyenye Branch, Modjadji Branch, Mokopane Branch, Polokwane Branch, Tzaneen Branch.

Matt said...

Thanks Rick! I'm surprised it took so long for the district to be created.