Friday, June 19, 2009

New Stakes In Arizona and Mexico

A new stake in the Tucson area in Arizona will be created this week or has already been created. I will provide more information and analysis once more information becomes available. If you have information about this new stake, feel free to write a comment about it.

This Sunday the Costa Grande Mexico District will become a stake. This will be the fifth new stake created this year in Mexico. All of these new stakes have been created since the end of May and all of these stakes have been created from districts. I will provide more information once the stake is actually created.


Steve said...

I live in Tucson. Last Sunday we had a stake meeting where they dramatically rearranged the boundaries of our stake. They moved some of the wards in our stake (Tucson East) into the Tucson stake and announced that this coming Sunday (the 21st) Elder Anderson would come to the Tucson stake to split it into 2 stakes. They also dissolved one of the wards in our stake (Fairmount).

Matthew said...

A follow-up to Steve's comment:

The reorganization from the 14th consisted of the Midvale (Tucson West), Valencia (Tucson East), and Nogales (Tucson Rincon) wards being moved to the Tucson Stake.

The Desert Willows Ward (Tucson East) was moved to Tucson Rincon.

The Escalante, Pantano, and Lakeside Wards (Tucson Rincon) were moved to Tucson East Stake.

The Fairmount Ward (Tucson East) was dissolved.

On the 21st, the Sahuarita Arizona Stake was created by Elder Neil L. Andersen of the Quorum of the Twelve, and includes the Midvale Ward, Nogales Ward, Sahuarita 1st, Sahuarita 2nd, Sahuarita 3rd, Sahuarita 4th Wards, and the Sonora (Spanish) Branch, all from the Tucson Stake (at least from the reorganization on the 14th).

The Tucson Arizona North Stake was the only Tucson-area stake not affected by the reorganization (to my knowledge).

Matthew said...

Oops, that should be the Saguaro (Spanish) Branch, from the Tucson West Stake, in the new Sahuarita Stake. The Sonora (Spanish) Branch is still in the Tucson Stake.

Matt said...

Thanks for the info Matthew. I will be using it for a post about the new stake.