Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Stake In Ecuador

A new stake was created in Ecuador. The Los Chillos Ecuador Stake was created from the San Rafael Ecuador District. Each of the six branches in the former district became wards in the new stake. The new stake is just outside the capital, Quito. The last district to mature into a stake in Ecuador was in Babahoyo back in 2005 and the last new stake created in Ecuador was in Guayaquil in 2007. There are now 34 stakes and nine districts in Ecuador.

If a temple were announced in Quito, it would likely serve around a dozen stakes and a district in northern Ecuador. Only one other country has more members than Ecuador and only one temple, which is Chile. Recent growth in the Church in Ecuador has been steady in terms of membership, growing to over 185,000 in 2008. However, we have not seen an increase or decrease in the number of congregations in Ecuador since 2004. Hopefully we will see other districts in the country made into stakes in the near future, such as the districts in Loja, Riobamba and Santa Rosa.

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