Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Mongolia Ulaanbaatar West Stake

The first stake in Mongolia was organized today with six wards in its boundaries. The new district, the Mongolia Ulaanbaatar East District, likely has five or six branches and was counseled to prepare for stakehood by strengthening the branches. For a first hand account of the event, visit .


andrew said...

Hip Hip Hooray. I am sure President Andersen is soooooooooo Happy!!!!!!!!

Brandon Plewe said...

Hey, Matt, have you noticed that the Church News has fallen way behind on announcing new stakes. They've always missed a couple a year, but less than half of the new stakes starting in late 2008 have been listed there. Wonder if they're phasing it out (like they phased out listing all new bishops 30 years ago).

On an unrelated note, the new (unnamed) Minnesota stake you announced a couple months ago is apparently St. Cloud (according to stake websites). I don't have any info on when it was actually created.

Matt said...

The six wards in the new stake are:

Enkhtaivan Ward
Khan Uul Ward
Sansar Ward
Selbe Ward
Songino Ward
Unur Ward

andrew said...

By the way, A Patriarch was called, Brother Batbayer from the selbe ward. All of the auxillary positions have long since been filled in that stake. Out of the new stake and district presidencies in Mongolia and their wives, only one (out of the 12)_has not served a full time mission