Monday, June 29, 2009

More New Stakes Created In Mexico

Two more stakes have been created in México.

The Morelia México Stake was divided and a second stake was created in the city, named the Morelia México Aeropuerto Stake. The new stake was created two Sundays ago and includes seven wards in Morelia, Moroleón, Acambaro, and Salvatierra (the latter two cities used to be a part of the Acambaro México District, which was recently re-aligned and renamed the Zitácuaro México District).

The Tuxpan México Stake was created from a division of the Poza Rica México Stake. The new stake in Tuxpan likely includes at least five wards in the Tuxpan area and maybe a branch or two. The two stakes in Poza Rica have had enough congregations to be divided to create another stake for several years. It appears that the members in the area have strengthened the congregations enough to justify another new stake.

There are now 219 stakes and 36 districts in México.

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