Sunday, August 24, 2008

New Branch in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

A branch was officially created in Gandajika (also spelled Ngandajika) which is located in the center of the Democratic Republic of Congo. President Livingstone gave members in the city permission to bless the sacrament in the city earlier this year. There are now 11 branches in the area, most of which are in Kananga and Luputa. A branch was organized earlier this year nearby Gandajika in Mwene-Ditu.

The Livingstones also stated in a comment posted under "Countries with the most members without a temple" that a new stake is likely to be created before the end of the year in the DR of Congo along with several more in 2009. I imagine they refer to splitting the stake in Lubumbashi, but the stakes in Kinshasa and Brazzaville grow at a rapid rate. The only district in the country I see as being close to stakehood is in Luputa, but we'll have to see. I also would not be surprised if the branch in Mbuji-Mayi gets divided soon because it has grown quite large.

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Minchin Web said...

To keep you (and everyone else) confused, there are actually two Congo's, commonly referred to as 'Congo Kinshasa' (DR of Congo, formerly Zaire) & 'Congo Brazzaville', in reference to their respective capitals. To add more to the confusion, the two capitals are across the river from each other!