Monday, August 11, 2008

Cities Without A LDS Church Presence Blog

A few weeks ago, I began another blog about cities around the world which do not have missionaries or a congregation of the Church in them. Almost every country in the world has many cities which remain unreached as in terms of missionary work. Even countries like Brazil (with over one million members and 27 missions) still have several cities with over 100,000 inhabitants without a branch or missionaries serving there! Much has yet to be done in order to bring the message of the Gospel across the world. The new blog can be found on the right side of the page, listed under "Other Church Growth Blogs."

On a different note, I have not yet received word concerning the dozen or so missionaries serving in the Republic of Georgia and whether they have been evacuated due to the Russian invasion. Georgia currently has two branches functioning in the capital city of Tbilisi. The country was opened to missionary work just back in the spring of 2006. I will provide updates once information becomes available.

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Richie Brown said...

My name is Richard Brown. I was one of the missionaries who was reassigned from the Yekaterinburg Russia mission to Armenia Yerevan Mission serving in Georgia back in April of 2006. As an update on Georgia. The missionaries were allowed back into the country in october of last year. We are now training 3 more missionaries in the MTC to join the ranks there, and the church is recovering from the affects of the war.