Monday, August 18, 2008

Districts Dissolved

Three districts were recently dissolved in Belize, Papua New Guinea and Venezuela. All of these districts were combined with a nearby district.


The Orange Walk Belize District was recently combined with the Belize City District. The district in Orange Walk has had only two branches in Orange Walk and Corozal. The first stake in Belize is supposedly very close to happening and this would be part of its preparation. There are around 3,200 members in Belize in two districts.

Papua New Guinea

Last year a district was dissolved in the capital city (the Port Moresby Papua New Guinea Central District) and in the past month or two the Isumo Papua New Guinea District was combined with the Daru Papua New Guinea District. The district that was in Isumo only had three branches while the district in Daru had four branches. It is likely that this might be the location of the second stake to be created in Papua New Guinea. Daru is located on a small island near the Indonesia-Papua New Guinea border.


Around four or five years ago, the Falcon Venezuela District was divided into the Falcon and Coro Districts. Up until they were both combined into the Falcon District again, the Falcon District had five branches while the Coro District had four. Again, it is very likely this has been done in preparation of a future stake in the area. Growth has been substantial since 2002 when there were only six branches in the region.

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