Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Updated Country Profile - Laos

Click here to access the updated country profile for Laos. The Church in Laos has numbered among the most successful among Asian nations with significant government restrictions on religious freedom. There are two branches in Vientiane and converts regularly join the Church. Convert retention and member activity rates have been consistently good. The Church has also made good progress translating Church materials and scriptures into Lao. See below for the Future Prospects section of this article:

Government restricts international missionary outreach, requiring local members to be self-sufficient in ecclesiastical duties and member-missionary work. This has led to intimate involvement of Laotian members in missionary work, and has yielded good convert retention and member activity rates. The two Vientiane branches appear likely to become wards if the Udorn Thailand District becomes a stake. Government recognition may occur in the near future, which would permit the publication of the meetinghouse location in Vientiane. However, government recognition does not appear to currently provide any other benefits to the Church in Laos in regards to proselytism freedoms or expansion into additional cities. Returned missionaries present good leadership development prospects as long as these members do not emigrate. Growth in membership on the outskirts of Vientiane may result in the formation of groups or small branches to serve members in these locations if permitted by government officials. Members who relocate to other cities in the country may also permit the expansion of the Church.


Eduardo said...

Very repressive place over the years. I think the Chinese will be de facto colonizing it as they are currently and into the future. I hope the faith might flourish there despite politics and oppression.

Eduardo said...

Poor Laos! Is there no love for a motherless nation?
Paraphrased adapted quote of a famous martyr.