Friday, September 14, 2018

Updated Country Profile - Jordan

Click here to access our updated Reaching the Nations country profile for Jordan. The Church has maintained a native Jordanian LDS community for several decades in two cities, Amman and Irbid, although there has been little growth for many years. Leadership development has also struggled to be consistently maintained as there have been several iterations of native members staffing essential leadership positions followed by senior missionaries or foreigners filling these positions. Nevertheless, the Church occasionally has Jordanian members serve full-time missions. Emigration of Christians from Jordan is a major challenge as less than three percent of the population is Christian today. The Church continues to lack full registration with the government but has historically maintained a positive relationship with government officials.


Eduardo said...

Jordan depends on Western alliances to survive among some extreme neighboring countries.

Alex said...

A friend of mine witnessed the creation of the Naic Philippines District. I'm not sure which branches were upgraded to wards. It is the last district to be upgraded to stake in the Cavite Philippines Mission.

It is the 105th stake of the Philippines.

John Pack Lambert said...

In the ward I was in before I got married there was a brother whose parents were from Jordan.

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James said...

Matt, the above comment is spam. I know this because the exact same comment was posted on my own blog earlier today by the exact same individual, and I verified it was spam. You may want to delete that comment and this housekeeping one as well in the near future.

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