Saturday, September 1, 2018

August 2018 Monthly Newsletter

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L. Chris Jones said...

Awesome, a new stake in Ecuador. That included one of my areas.

Eduardo said...

Felicitaciones, hermano. La fe obra en nosotros.

Unknown said...

Last night I watched a Religious Freedom conference broadcast from Cleveland Ohio. One of the speakers was Elder Stevenson of the Quorum of the 12. He spoke about the growth of the Church in Vietnam. From what he said the entrance of the Church into Vietnam a few years ago and the organization of the mission there was at the invitation of the government there which has decided that religion is a neccesary thing in society, and they have made a deliberate decision to allow certain Churches in.

The Church has grown from 10 missionaries when the mission was first organized to 60 missionaries now.

The positive meeting he mentioned with the minister over religion suggests tha the government is probably willing to allow the Church to expand to more locations.

John Pack Lambert said...

Dabou, one of the places that just had a first branch formed, is a place of about 100,000 people that serves as the capital of the district (first level subdivision) of Ivory Coast that is immiediately to the north and west of the Abijan Autonomous Region. So some of the places getting branches are not that far from Abijan.