Sunday, September 23, 2018

New Stakes Created in Idaho (2), Florida, and Utah

The Church organized a new stake today in South Florida. The Naples Florida Stake was organized from a division of the Fort Myers Florida Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards and five branches: the Bahia (Spanish), Bonita Springs, Cypress, Naples, and Vanderbilt Beach Wards, and the Estero YSA, Hibiscus (Haitian-Creole), Immokalee, Liberte (Haitian-Creole), and McGregor Branches.

There are now 32 stakes in Florida.

Two new stakes were organized in Idaho on September 16th.

The Middleton Idaho East Stake was organized from a division of the Middleton Idaho Stake. The new stake includes the following seven wards: the Middleton 2nd, Middleton 4th, Middleton 5th, Middleton 7th, Middleton 8th, Middleton 11th, and Black Canyon YSA Wards.

The Idaho Falls YSA Stake was organized from several stakes in the Idaho Falls area. Information on which congregations are assigned to the new stake remains unavailable although it appears that there are five wards and three branches assigned to the new YSA stake.

There are now 131 stakes in Idaho.

A new stake was created in Cache County, Utah on September 16th. The Logan Utah YSA 7th Stake was organized from a division of the Logan Utah YSA 3rd Stake, Logan Utah YSA 4th, and Logan Utah YSA 6th Stake. The new stake includes the following seven wards: the Logan YSA 19th, Logan YSA 25th, Logan YSA 30th, Logan YSA 32nd, Logan YSA 43rd, Logan YSA 46th, and Logan YSA 52nd.

There are now 595 stakes and one district in Utah.


James said...

Great report, Matt! Thanks for sharing this news. It is nice to know that 3 stakes were newly organized in the "Mormon corridor) within the last little while, and that Florida, despite dealing with severe weather issues, had one created as well. Does anyone have any thoughts about if, how, and to what extent the storms that have recently occurred throughout the world might potentially delay the announcement or construction of future temples in those areas? As I am preparing my list of potential temple locations for the next General Conference, that is the one thing I am unsure of. Any thoughts would be welcome and appreciated.

In the meantime, thanks again to Matt for this report, to all of you for the ongoing dialogue about the wide-ranging topics we discuss here, and again to Matt for allowing me to share updates from my own blog. A link to my blog, which includes several topics posted within the last 4-5 days, follows below. Thanks again to you all.

Christopher Nicholson said...

Considering that in most cases it takes at least three years and often longer to even break ground for a temple that's been announced, I don't think the storms would be a decision-making factor at all. They could just as easily happen after a temple is announced as before (e.g. the Japanese earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster after the Sapporo Japan Temple was announced).

James said...

Thank you, Christopher. You are correct in pointing out that a storm would not prevent the prospect or announcement of a temple, but what I was trying to determine was whether a storm would impact the timing of a temple groundbreaking. The Philippines, where 3 temples have been announced between October 2010 and now (with two of those coming in the last two sets of temple announcements) has been viciously pelted by storms. Before those storms hit, ground clearing was reportedly underway for the Urdaneta Philippines Temple, and the release of an artist's rendering and groundbreaking announcement was anticipated. So could those recent storms impact the progress of getting that land ready for a groundbreaking? That was my question. Sorry if that wasn't clear enough. Until more is known, I am holding off on hoping for or predicting a groundbreaking for that temple until sometime next year at earliest. Hope that helps clarify my question. Thanks again, Christopher.

Eduardo said...

I would hope that the new infrastructure and repairs for the island of Puerto Rico would favor an announcement there.
I felt impressed yesterday to tell some Cambodian members that I think Phnom Penh should get a temple announced, this with bolstered ideas that apostles are hinting at higher numbers of announcements.
Interesting to see the Haitian units in Florida. I guess it's true that Provo has one of the top Haitian communities in the US, like in the top 30s? I wonder how Utah compares to other states when comparing the Haitian diaspora. Or Canada or Chile, comparitively.

Mario Miguel said...

I'm happy to hear about the creole branches in Naples. There is a creole branch in my stake, Coral Springs stake and there is a creole ward up north in Boca Raton. I know there are alot of Haitians in the Northeastern states as well. Alot of the Haitian missionaries who serve here come from the New York area. A friend of mine from the creole branch got his mission call to New Jersey Haitian creole speaking.

James said...

Eduardo, I added a potential temple for San Juan Puerto Rico for the first time among my predictions for this General Conference. I have often gone back-and-forth on the question of whether an announcement of a temple there would provide something for which the Saints in that area can hope and to which they can look forward.

As for the prospect of a temple in Cambodia, Phnom Penh was my top pick for the next city in the Asia Area that would likely get a temple. I have since changed my mind on that and now Ulaanbaatar Mongolia takes the top spot on my list for that area. This is because the involved distances to the nearest current and future temples for the Saints in that nation are greater than they are for the Cambodian Saints.

That said, I still see Cambodia as a feasible and likely prospect at some point. The only question is, how soon that might occur. And that may depend more on the extent of President Nelson's temple-building plans, the timing within which they unfold and are anticipated to be fuly implemented, and whether any obstacles might stand in the way of those plans.

But if the plans are explained in General Conference in a couple of weeks, and if they are as extensive as so many people seem to indicate they might be, then we are surely in for both a massive number of temple announcements and witnessing many more temple milestones and events being reported on a regular basis.

But I came to that conclusion without knowing how

James said...

Sorry. I guess my comment posted without my finishing it. The last line of my comment above should have read "But I came to that conclusion without knowing the extent to which President Nelson's plans might go, or the time-frames within which they might be implemented." I should add something I have mentioned before, that if, as appears to be the case, the plan is to double or even triple the number of temples over the next 5-10 years, then no prospective location may be off the table, and we may be in for several unexpected announcements.

I also forgot to mention, Eduardo, that I am happy to hear you felt impressed to promise the Cambodian members that they would get a temple someday. I have previously spoken about how a friend from my ward youth group served his mission in Italy, and I got a letter from him at one point saying he was somewhat discouraged by what he saw as his lack of success in the work.

In response, I felt impressed to share my feeling that he would not only live to see the fruits of his missionary labors, but also that I could see a temple being announced in Italy in the not-too-distant future. This would have been sometime during 2004-2007 or so. As we saw, the Rome Italy Temple was announced in 2008, and my friend has periodically mentioned his hope to be able to go back to Italy when that temple is dedicated.

So if you felt impressed to tell the Cambodian members with whom you were speaking that a temple could be built in their homeland, I have no doubt that was inspired. As I mentioned in my comment above, Cambodia was at one point the top pick on my list of locations for the Asia Area of the Church, but I have since reconsidered that, because the Saints in Mongolia, being more isolated and having a longer trip, may need a temple more imminently. That said, Cambodia is one city I am watching, and if President Nelson's plans are as thorough as they appear to be, then we are almost certainly in for a windfall of announcements in several locations which, for the moment, seem more like long-shot or dark horse prospects than imminently likely.

For myself, I have three lists: The main one that I am using for prospects that may be announced in the next General Conference, another with prospects that might be 1-5 years down the line for various reasons, and a list of dark horse or long-shot prospects for which I am waiting for more information before I move any of those locations up to the other two lists. Either way, it will be interesting to see what will occur with General Conference in about 1.5 weeks.

The Opinion said...

Here is the link of the ward boundary changes for the new Naples Stakes I found it originally on the Fort Meyers stake Facebook page

Eduardo said...

Vietnam probably does not have the critical numbers of members to announce a temple yet, but some day they will support at least as many as Mexico does now. Vietnam allows vital freedoms that China does not. Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) would likely be first, then Hanoi. I guess, really, Vietnam by size could be covered pretty well by 5-6 temples: they have pretty dense areas of population.
Singapore, Jakarta, even New Caledonia need temples by the two hundred mile rule. Of course, many places across the South Pacific could qualify on that basis.

Unknown said...

While there is some talk about temples, it was reported on the Temples of the CoJC FB Page, that the groundbreaking for the Abidjan Cote D'Ivoire Temple will be on November 8th, 2018!

Eric S. said...

Fantastic news! Thanks for sharing Jarom. The people reporting it on Facebook have said that emails have been sent out to local leaders already. Looks like an official announcement should be coming soon.

James said...

That is an interesting an unexpected development. I am assuming, given the fact that this was an unanticipated development, that the Abidjan Temple will be a smaller one that will take around 2-3 years to be constructed. I am likewise hoping that, in conjunction with whatever is done and whenever the Church officially confirms this (which will hopefully be by later this week) that we might also hear similar news about the groundbreaking for the temple in Bangkok. When the artist's rendering was released for that temple last March, and during his time visiting Thailand in April, President Nelson said he saw no obstacles impeding the progress of that temple towards a groundbreaking. I also think it would be awesome if one or two other temples were to have their groundbreakings announced at the same time, but for now, I would be content to hear the confirmation of the groundbreakings for these two temples.

When those occur, aside from the Urdaneta Philippines Temple, all others will have been announced since 2016. And if what I am hearing is correct, then next year, many of the temples announced in 2016 and 2017 will have a groundbreaking as well. I would anticipate Pocatello Idaho will be the first of those, since the artist's rendering and site announcement was made earlier this year. The Lord is certainly hastening His work, and it is wonderful to see how that is being done.

John Pack Lambert said...

Evidently Andrew Brunson the Evangelical Christian missionary being held by the Turkish government on charges of conspiring against Turkey allegedly protted with LDS missionaries in Turkey. Here is a Bloomberg Business article on the matter It takes a bit to get into it. The basic story is the Church excommunicated a Turkish member who was working as a translator for embezzeling funds, and he is the main source of the accusations. He claims all Christian missionaries in Turkey are under the control of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, 40% of foriegn US military personnel are LDS and that all LDS US military in Turkey are lacking a finger. Also he claims that the LDS and Evangelical Christians identify the Kurds as the 13th tribe that must be brought in before the 2nd coming. The last is a down right ludicrous claim. The LDs missionaries who allegedly conspired with Brunson, the Abneys, are now back in the US. However there is at least one LDS member in Istanbul who is named. THe article does not do a very good job of explaining that the claims about linking the Kurds to be book of revelation is not widespread. Also, the article seems to accept that millenialists seek to bring about the conditions mentioned in the Book of Revelation. This is rarely the cose. Basically many people believe that such conditions will happen, but beyond the fact what the book menas exactly is rarely agreed upon, the whole article misunderstands how people understand their role in what will happen, especially in the LDS circles. Considering how many people these days are illeterate about so much of religion, the way the article treats the matter is very poor.

Eduardo said...


Chris said...

Just a separate question, Does anyone know what day this last year or so, that the Oradea Romania District (1007807 : organized 2009-03-08), has changed its name to Cluj-Napoca Romania District? It is the only name change that i have found in the current 538 Districts. Thank you for any assistance.

Nephi said...

Chris...there are 539 districts. The name change was June 3, 2018.

Chris said...

Thank you, @Nephi. Now I need to locate the 1 I am missing, not counting the 3 in Pakistan.

Nephi said...

Chris, I am now showing 537. It looks like the Yap Micronesia District was discontinued and the Santa Rosa Ecuador District was upgraded to a Stake.

Chris said...

I count :

ASIA : 26
UTAH : 1

Maybe you can suggest which Area I am missing one to search?

Chris said...

I see the Yap Micronesia District was merged in last few days with the Barrigada Guam Stake on Classic maps, i had just copied the Yap Micronesia link 2 days ago for my list. And also the Santa Rosa Ecuador district shows as Stake on maps. Thank you. Still missing one.

BryanBaird said...

Concerning the Abdijan Ivory Coast Temple groundbreaking announcement I think the church might officially announce it probably after conference. (Maybe other groundbreakings as well). I can see maybe 1 or 2 temples being announced but given that for thr past couple years temple announcements have been in April I would be surprised if any where announced in October.

Eduardo said...

From what I have read in some reports in this very forum, we have had at least two apostles in the last short period intimate that many temples are on the way. I think at least 10 temples will be announced in October. If not, those temples will be announced in the years to come in a slower fashion, and perhaps the statements made are farther reaching.
I admit I will be disappointed if quite a few new countries are not getting new temples announced in two weekends: Mongolia, Cambodia, I think Malaysia would have advantages over Singapore... Maybe Vanuatu? Puerto Rico needs one. Sierra Leone, more in Nigeria...

The Accountant said...
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James said...

Bryan Baird: It has been a rare thing indeed for the Church to confirm a groundbreaking a mere 4-6 weeks before it is due to take place. I am not ruling out the prospect that the announcement of the schedule for that and other groundbreakings could be announced over the pulpit. Several years ago, when President Monson was still able to open General Conference, he highlighted planned temple events in his opening address.

You are also correct that the last time the Church announced temples in an October General Conference was in 2012. But if you will recall, the two temples announced during the opening address of that General Conference were followed by the announcement of another 2 in the opening of the following General Conference, which was the last time two consecutive General Conferences saw temples announced.

I may be wrong about this, but I think that the fact that no temples were announced in the last few October General Conferences had a lot more to do with President Monson being in a state of declining health (and thus being unable to focus on announcing temples more than once a year) than it did with setting a tradition that temples would only ever be announced once a year going forward.

That said, President Nelson, who is in comparatively far better health at 94 years of age than any Church president may have been for the last 20 years or longer, made it clear right away that a major focus of his presidency would be to continue to provide temples for the people of the Church all over the world.

James said...

In fact, many of the first announcements coming out of his presidency were temple-related. As noted in previous threads, President Oaks, Elder Bednar, and Sister Joy D. Jones (the latter of whom is on the Temple and Family History Executive Council) have all been quoted as saying that the Church will significantly accelerate construction of currently-announced temples, and that we haven't seen anything yet as far as President Nelson's temple-building legacy, which is anticipated to outpace and overshadow that which we saw under President Hinckley's inspired "smaller-temple" design boom of the late 1990s and early 2000s. Some have suggested that the plan will again involve doubling (or perhaps even tripling) the number of temples over the next 5-10 years. And with President Nelson being more healthy than any prophet we have had in the last 20 years or longer, I don't see any scenario in which his plans would not be detailed in the upcoming General Conference, and in which several new temples are not announced. But if it turns out that all of us are wrong about that, feel free to stop by after General Conference to rub it in.

Eduardo, thank you for reiterating previous comments, some of which have been shared by Matt himself based on talking to a stake president who had talked with President Oaks on that subject. I believe at least 10 temples could and will be announced, but perhaps more than that. And I have spoken previously of my list of locations. I was thinking and commenting to someone earlier today that, since we have not had any Africa temples announced since April 2017, at least one African candidate will likely be on the list of those announced in the upcoming General Conference.

James said...

The Accountant, thank you for your comment about the potential major announcements in each of the four general sessions as confirmed by Elder Holland. Since major announcements were made in almost every general session last April, I can see it very well happening again. And as I commented elsewhere, we may be entering an era when each General Conference can be rightly considered "historic". We also know from things President and Sister Nelson have said in public settings that the number of times he has been woken up in the night to write instructions from the Lord have increased exponentially since his ordination as Church president last January. As I noted above, he may be considered as more healthy now than any Church president we have seen in the last 2 decades or longer, although he is the second-oldest man ever ordained Church president. I well believe he could be around for another decade or two, and I know that several of the apostles who have come up in the ranks are surely praying for the extension of President Nelson's life.

Just to clarify, the Winnipeg Temple was anticipated to take 20 months of construction time to build, which, AFAIK, has not changed, although there was a delay of around 1.5 years between its' groundbreaking and when construction commenced. As for the Port-au-Prince Haiti Temple, ground was broken for that one last October, and it is anticipated to be dedicated in mid-2019, which is closer to a 16-18 month construction window.

But some have pointed out that the purpose of renovating the temples originally dedicated during the previously-mentioned "Hinckley-building boom" may be to test the feasibility of a newer design which can allow several temples to be built and dedicated over a shorter period of time.

I have heard there will be some kind of change to the missionary program, but I do not think it will be to enable young men and women to choose whether to serve full-time or service missions. Some who serve as Church service missionaries (myself included) have served as such because that was the only option. As far as I know, the Lord never has (and likely never will_ repeal the mandate that "every worthy young man should serve a mission.

For older couples that cannot serve proselyting missions in their senior years of life, the service missions are the one and only option, and if there were to be a flood of able-bodied young men and women taking such assignments, that would cut the options for senior couples. The announcement about Church service missions will likely be related to something else. That is, unless your relatives have first-hand knowledge that previous mandates are being repealed. Although the Church has created more ways for proselyting missionaries to find, teach, and baptize people, the basic nature of missionary work for most people involves voluntarily putting their lives aside for 18-24 months.

James said...

For me personally, as one who needed a Church service mission in view of physical disabilities making a proselyting mission impossible, I had two great part-time opportunities. But I see no scenario in which able-bodied young men and women would be able to opt to serve elsewhere than a proselyting mission. Again, if I turn out to be incorrect on that, feel free to rub it in my face after General Conference.

That said, I do know that various Church leaders have, in view of President Nelson's desire to seek for and act on the Lord's will, presented a glance at what is ahead. The temple-building development will certainly be one thing. Some kind of change to service missions seem likely, even though those changes may not be what most people think. President Oaks also mentioned a while back that something was in the works to ease the load placed on newly-married individuals who, when both are given demanding callings, do not have the time together that they should. I have also previously ventured my opinion that something could be in the works to change the demographics and number of area seventies quorums. Either way, I am looking forward to the upcoming General Conference.

David Todd said...

I must say- I'm not sure why we feel the need to speculate on what the revelation is going to be that we receive from our prophet. Its one thing to talk about where we hope to see temples or things that we want to have happen (let me serve another mission!), but its an entirely different thing to start or continue rumors of revelation that do not come directly from the source of truth- Jesus Christ, himself, through our prophet as told to the church in General Conference.

James Anderson said...

One MoTab member just put out there the usual about conference music. He also said that a few pieces had been specifically requested for this conference, and a couple may 'raise eyebrows'. What he means by that I don't know, with a couple of exceptions it generally comes from the hymnbook or children's songbook, so it should not depart from that by much if any.

Some of the rampant speculation, and there is considerably more of it this time, is not healthy. What we do about temples is OK as it does not have to do with doctrine, policy, or procedure. We do it based on study and observation of conditions that are known, as much as it is possible to know them.

The Opinion said...

Elder Bednar said during the Meridian Idaho groundbreaking the following- (16th paragraph)
"The construction of a temple is not about the number of stakes or number of members or any of those other metrics. The decision to build a temple in a particular location is about the hearts of the people. … The Lord has inspired his servants to construct a temple here as a reflection of devotion and dedication and faithfulness and for that, on behalf of all the brethren, I love you and express gratitude."

The Accountant said...

Sorry about the other post... I have deleted as to not contaminate any other readers mind.

I am just perplexed why Pres Eyring in Seattle would say "we need personal revelation to feel the hand of the Lord when practical ways of doing things are changed by the Lord through His prophet." Then he follows it up with
"It will also take personal revelation to be able to see that a new way of doing things is better than the ways we have enjoyed."
Find it on Mormon Newsroom. it is the first 43 seconds of the video.

He must be alluding to something different happening at some time in the future that is going to require us to receive confirmation from the Lord. Or maybe I am just looking at it wrong.

James said...

To any who may have been offended or troubled by comments I have made here about the potential changes we might see in General Conference, I sincerely apologize. My intent was to highlight what I have heard as being potentially possible, and if I did it in an inappropriate manner, it was not deliberately done. Of course, it is up to the Brethren to confirm or deny any such changes. In my mind, it helps to be aware of some of the potential changes which could occur, though I would hope none of us are making absolute assertions about what will occur, since that is not for any of us to say, as none of us (AFAIK) are privy to the deliberations and determinations that have been or will yet be eventually presented to the Church.

The Accountant, you may have misunderstood President Eyring's statement. Just before he said what you quoted, he mentioned that while programs and practices will change as the needs of Church members and the world need more clarification, the doctrines and principles of the Church remain constant and consistent.

Church leaders throughout the history of the restoration have noted that, while those we sustain as prophets, seers and revelators are authorized to speak for the Lord, it is incumbent on each of us to seek for and receive confirmation that the decisions and changes announced by the Church are in harmony with the will of the Lord.

I have mentioned previously that, before each General Conference, I have prayed for a couple of things: that some of the messages may specifically speak to me about the concerns I have, and that I will have confirmation that any newly-announced development is in harmony with the Lord's will. And without an exception (as far as I can recall), those prayers have been answered. And I think that is what President Eyring was talking about.

James said...

Many other Church leaders have commented on the fact that some things announced by the Church may not be popular, accepted, or properly understood by those who are not members of the Church, and who do not understand the process by which such decisions are made. And I have seen that first-hand as I have watched the way some of our friends of other faiths (or no faith at all) have responded to such things.

Among those examples of that is the way the world has responded to some of the more publicized excommunications of members whose personal opinions and perceptions of things the Church is doing (or more often is not doing) became more important than following the counsel of their Church leaders, or when a policy or practice is dissected by those who seem to have no understanding of the way the Church has arrived at such decisions. It happens all the time.

For that reason, it will become even more important to have personal confirmation that such decisions are in harmony with the Lord's will. One other example comes to mind. Apparently, the Boy Scouts of America organization underestimated the impact of the Church planning to leave its' organized programs. Local BSA units are scrambling to find both a sufficient source of funding and to find a way to make the Scouting program work without the Church.

But the leaders of the Church clearly felt in relation to their decision that the organization, particularly with recent changes, is no longer serving the best interests of the Church and its' members, and they also saw that a program which could be adapted to the needs of the Church worldwide would best serve the members thereof, especially as the Church membership continues to expand on a more global scale.

The Lord reminds us in Isaiah that His ways and thoughts are higher than those of any man. So we should not be in any way surprised when actions or decisions announced by the Church are misunderstood, unappreciated, or criticized by the world, and members of the Church will now, more than ever, need that personal revelation mentioned by President Eyring in the release above, and by President Nelson last April in his first General Conference address to the general Church membership, to know and receive a witness that those decisions and changes that are or will be announced are in harmony with the Lord's will. When each of us are able to do so, we will know that, no matter what the rest of the world thinks or how they react to such changes, the Lord has put His stamp of approval on such things. And when that occurs, the Lord can and will reveal to the Church and to each of us individually on a more significant scale what else needs to be done, in the Church, and in our individual lives. That's what President Eyring meant in that video accompanying the article in question, as far as I can tell. Does that help?

Nephi said...

Here is my conference prediction. Conference will happen, speakers will speak, something may or may not change, temples may or may not be announced and songs will be sung.

Chris said...

@Nephi, That is the best Conference prediction I have heard so far here. Thanks.

James said...

Not to nitpick, but unless some of the musical selections are from the Children's Songbook, the correct terminology should be "hymns". And although I can certainly understand the problem some people may have about some of us conjecturing regarding General Conference developments, I certainly don't see anything wrong with using the patterns of the past or things said publicly by Church leaders to predict potential future trends, particularly those relating to potential developments that are upcoming. At least, that's my personal opinion, FWIW.

John Pack Lambert said...

Considering there is not even a stake in Malaysia I would be shocked if it has a temple announced. Although Ukraine did not when Kiev Temple was announced. Singapore having a stake makes it seem more likely. Also the fact that the government there is much more tolerant of religious pluraism than in Malaysia.

John Pack Lambert said...

Back when I was on my mission one of the selections in conference was a hymn that President Nelson had composed to follow his talk.

Considering some of the music the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performs in other concerts, there is a possible variation in conference. What I am thinking would be hymns we do not currently have in our hymnbook, some in styles not really found in the hymnbook.

I also have another idea of a choir that I would love to see perform, specifically Siter Bonner's choir. After both the Be One Event and their performance at the national meeting of the NAACP I could see it happening. Even cooler if Gladys Knight also sings in conference. I'm not sure if I really expect it, but I would love it, and even more my wife would. She misses the more exuberant worship style of heavily African-American Protestant congregations, especially as it relates to singing.

Nephi said...

@John Pack Lambert...I would love to have the Piano Guys play some hymns at conference. Also, I am with you on the African-American Protestant style. I would love to see more cultures from around the world represented in music during conference.

James Anderson said...

President Nelson is strong on traditional hymns, Elder Packer was likewise. What you hear here, taken from the June 2003 Worldwide Leadership Training, made it into Handbook 2 very nearly word for word in places, some did not.

There is rom for other hymnlike pieces though, and that is why other things have shown up, but don't expect anything significant in a departure, wharever those two or t

twinnumerouno said...

John, are you thinking of Pres. Nelson's song "Our Prayer to Thee" from his April 2003 talk? My ward choir is currently working on that song, we will be singing it for our next high council Sunday in October. (I'm kind of hoping the Tabernacle choir will sing it for conference, too.)

John and Nephi, your comments reminded me of when a young singer from Brazil performed in a previous conference.

James Anderson said...

There have also been two additional airings of performances of that one. First one was at the Evening with a General Authority broadcast at the first of the year, and again in the Hope of Israel broadcast in June. It opened both meetings

James said...

I think the idea that powerful and inspirational spiritual music can come from all corners of the world is the driving force behind having a hymnbook that is the same worldwide. So many cultures have beautiful hymns but those are often overlooked in favor of the more popular US hymns.

As for performances in General Conference, I know that there have been a few examples of hymns being performed which are not in the hymnbook or the Children's Songbook, but those have been exceptions rather than the rule. I also know that it takes a very special reason for the performances of the Choir at General Conference to include a special musical guest.

While we are on the subject of hymns, that reminds me of something I wanted to mention here but may not have done so earlier. There have been a number of newly-composed musical selections crafted by talented musicians and arrangers worldwide which would be a good fit for the new Hymnbook. One such composer whose work springs to mind is Sally DeFord. Some of you may be familiar with her piece "If the Savior Stood Beside Me", which has become a mainstay for Primary, as has "If I Listen With My Heart".

But one of my personal favorites written by her is the Easter Hymn "In the Silent Garden". There was one other I wanted to mention here, but I couldn't find it. She has done a number of other original compositions and arrangements which could be adapted for either the Hymnbook or the Children's Songbook. I know that in my parent's ward, at least for several years when I was in Young Men's and was a member of the Ward Choir, Sally DeFord was one of many go-to sources we used to pull much of our musical selections. Just wanted to mention that, for what the information might be worth to any who read it.

James said...

Just wanted to make sure everyone sees this: Sister Barbara B. Ballard, wife of President M. Russell Ballard, passed away earlier today. And the dedication date has been set for the Kinshasa temple (it will occur on April 14, 2018). More can be found on these developments through either the Church News or the official Church website. Thanks again to you all.

Johnathan Whiting said...


I remember that Brazilian singer, too. Her name is Liriel Domiciano.