Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Updated Country Profile - Montenegro

Click here to access the updated Reaching the Nations country profile for Montenegro.


Gnesileah said...

I am enjoying these new country profiles, and look forwarded to studying more as they become available. Good work, Matt and David.

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Eduardo Clinch said...

I worked a lot with some Montenegrins a few years ago; they were a nice group of guys. One thing that I learned is that they are culturally opposed to same gender matrimonies by and large. They alao love their spirits, apparently everyone has a home distillery for hard liquor. I know even Muslims who drink there, which may not be a big deal for us Western Christians but it is a big deal in the umma (Muslim community). I wonder how many Muslims who are practicing and devout drink alcohol. I wonder if there are reports on this topic.
It will be interesting over time to see if LDS growth will outpace Slovenia, for example, or other European countries.

John Pack Lambert said...

When I was a teenager the wife of the 1st counselor in our bishopric was the daughter of a woman who was an immigrant from Montenegro.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Nobody else has made a comment or they have not been approved yet?

James said...

Thank you for this update, Matt! The country profiles you and David provide have been instrumental sources to me in times past as I have worked to upda te the statistical information on Wikipedia's area pages. And, if I may, I would also like to add how much I appreciate your willingness to let the conversations on these threads cover such a wide variety of subjects. I have greatly appreciated the excellent conversations I have read and participated in. Keep up the great work!

On a personal note, I would also like to thank Matt for giving me permission to share updates from my own blog here. And in that regard, I wanted to note that I have had another busy month covering Church news and (where available) updates on temple construction.

So I would like to conclude this comment by letting you all know that I continue to accept comments on any content posted on my blog. Even if comments are made in response to content posted a while ago, I would appreciate hearing from anyone with thoughts on that content.

Again, Matt, thanks so much for everything. Your enthusiasm for and dedication to keeping us all informed on the latest Church growth developments is appreciated. And thanks to all of you who comment here for increasing my understanding of topics that have been discussed here as well.

twinnumerouno said...

This is not about Church growth, but reading this profile reminded me that I have read a novel, the Nero Wolfe mystery (by Rex Stout) titled Black Mountain, that is set in Montenegro.