Saturday, May 26, 2018

Updated Country Profile - Kosovo

Click here to access the updated Reaching the Nations country profile for Kosovo.


James said...

Again, Matt, thanks for this update. It is awesome to see the progress the Church has recently made in so many countries. The Lord is truly aware of His work and is hastening it. I appreciate you keeping us all informed of such developments.

I mentioned this in an earlier thread, but will note here as well that I have covered a number of topics on my own blog since I last posted a link to it in these threads. I continue to accept all comments on any post at any time. With my thanks to Matt for permitting me to do so, I am posting a link to my blog below. Thanks again to you all.

Grant Emery said...

Did any surprising news come out of the all-area Europe multi-stake conference?

John Pack Lambert said...

I just learned how the end of the Cleveland Mission will effect the boundaries of the Detroit Mission. The Detroit mission will receive both the Toledo and Cleveland Stakes. The former does not surprise me, but the latter does a little. This will leave the city of Cleveland itself divided between two missions, with most of the city and the west suburbs in one mission, while the east suburbs and south suburbs are in another mission.

It will also put our mission president, President Cleveland, in the position of being mission president over Cleveland, which is just a fun situation.

mrcuff said...

A Stake was recently formed in Sololá, Guatemala. A friend posted an article on Facebook from a Spanish language newspaper.

miro said...

There was no surprising news ind the Europe area multi-stake conference. It was just a broadcast from Salt Lake City with 4 talks. Elder Hallstrom, Kearen, Uchtdorf and a siter Jones spoke. (her talk was recorded). Main toppics where reactivation, missoinary and temple work.
The first 30 min where conducted locally through the stake leadership.