Saturday, May 19, 2018

Reaching the Nations: International Church Growth Almanac - NEW EDITION IN PROGRESS

At, David Stewart and I have just begun to update our country profiles contained in our reference work, Reaching the Nations: International Church Growth Almanac: 2014 Edition. These profiles are available on although information for most country entries are approximately 6-7 years old. It is our goal to update these profiles approximately every 5-6 years. Given the amount of work needed to update the previous edition, we are currently unsure whether the new edition will be officially titled the 2019 or 2020 edition. Check out our updated profile for Bosnia and Herzegovina we posted earlier today. We will be posting updated profiles regularly, hopefully as often as a weekly or daily basis for the next 1-2 years.


R. Jofre said...

Thank you, Matt, and David too. And thanks for using the GDP per capita in PPP terms, much more realistic and useful for comparisons than nominal GDP.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Very cool. Many of us have missed the Deseret Church Almanac since last published in 2013. I have used it to take notes during General Conference; still looking for an alternative.
I guess I could print the leadership pages and annotate that way...
Apart from the emotional and spiritual investment in Church matters, it is great for actual or hobbiest social scientists to follow LDS growth as delivered by Matt, Dave, and others who supply the new updates and statistics. It indicates how and who we LDS are.
The up and down faith that I have had about places like Chile (the converts and members of that great nation) has influenced parts of my outlook on life, for good or for bad.
Our collective affects and effects on Europe, the Caribbean, sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, the South Pacific, India, East Asia, and our neighbors here in North America: it all is represented by numbers and mapping as shared by sites like these.
Thanks so much for sticking to it.

Eduardo Clinch said...

I wonder if there is much thought or effort to creating the Book of Mormon in Bosniak. Part of the problem there is that most ethnic Bosniaks are Muslim, although from what I know about Montenegran Muslims (maybe 17% of their population) many do not practice their faith strictly, for example, I have been told most Montenegran Muslims drink alcohol like the Christian ones, Orthodox and Catholic. Although that may not be the best indicator of faith and practice...
Many Bosnians have emmigrated in the last 30 years. Hopefully some key missionaries among them will go back totheir ancestors' lands and find the local talent. While the prospects appear less than dynamic for B and H., I think some key changes will occur that will dramatically stimulate some ground roots growth. But, like the rest of modern Europe, dynamic LDS growth is not the norm. But it is constant.

Pascal Friedmann said...

Slightly unrelated to Bosnia, but there has recently been a major reorganization of units in Northern and Eastern Germany. Both remaining districts in Neubrandenburg and Oldenburg were discontinued, along with "a number" of smaller branches in rural areas. These parts of Germany have seen major issues with demographic change and especially younger people under 40 moving away, which seems to be the major cause for the consolidations. Apparently the bulk of areas will remain open for missionary work, with companionships still stationed and working in their old areas, but attending Church elsewhere.

The stakes in western Germany will also be involved in a special stake conference on June 3. There is a small chance that something similar (though definitely smaller in scope) might happen here. That said, from the top of my head, I can't quite think of any branches so small that they would have to be consolidated.

James Anderson said...

Just heard from someone in the Queen Creek/San Tan Valley area in the Phoenix area. Lives by Ellsworth and Ocotilo, he is financial clerk of a ward there4 that is one of four he has been in since the move there two years ago. They have also switched buildings twice.

The news he gave though was they were told that there was approval given for five new buildings in that area. We will see 1-2 more stakes in that area in the near term.

miro said...

When did the discontinuation of the Neubrandenburg and Oldenburg district happen. On the 20th of May? In CDOL they are still around.

Why do you think the specal stake conference on June 3 will have to do with reorganization of units? The stake conference will be for all german speaking stakes where a general auhority will speak. Propably a broadcast from Salt Lake City.

miro said...

The Hamburg and Neumuenster stakes were also combined.

Article in german.

Gnesileah said...

With gratitude to another blog reader for their help, below are additional unit changes that have not been previously reported here:

Vanadzor Armenia District created
- Alaverdi Branch created/reinstated
- Gyumri Branch (from Yerevan Armenia District)
- Vanadzor Branch (from Yerevan Armenia District)

Armenia/Georgia Mission: Temka (Georgia) Branch created

Lagos Nigeria Ikeja Stake: Omole Ward created

General Santos Philippines Stake: Alabel Ward upgraded from Alabel Branch
Montalban Philippines Stake: Eastwood Ward created; Kasiglahan Ward upgraded from Amityville Branch
Valenzuela Philippines Stake: Meycauayan Ward renamed Meycauayan 1st Ward; Meycauayan 2nd Ward created

Brazil Fortaleza Mission: Crateús Branch created
Cabo Frio Brazil District: São Pedro da Aldeia Branch created
Caucaia Brazil Stake: Novo Paraíso Ward created
Garanhuns Brazil Stake: Cohab II Branch created
Novo Hamburgo Brazil Stake: Campo Bom Ward upgraded from Campo Bom Branch
Registro Brazil District: Miracatú Branch renamed from Juquiá Branch
Ribeirão Preto Brazil West Stake: Parque das Andorinhas Ward created
Rio de Janeiro Brazil Stake: Santa Cruz da Serra ward upgraded from Piabetá Branch
São Paulo Brazil São Miguel Paulista Stake: Vila Jacui Ward created
São Luís Brazil East Stake: Araçagi Ward created
Sobral Brazil Stake: Sobral 4th Ward created
Porlamar Venezuela Stake: Capital Ward renamed from La Asunción Ward; Juan Griego Branch discontinued
Venezuela Caracas Mission: La Guaira Branch transferred from Caracas Venezuela Urdaneta Stake, downgraded from ward (previously reported as discontinued in error)

Gilbert Arizona Stake: Gilbert 11th Ward (Spanish) upgraded from Gilbert 11th Branch (Spanish)
Phoenix Arizona East Stake: Monterey Ward (Spanish) upgraded from Monterey Branch (Spanish)
San Luis Obispo California Stake: Paso Robles 1st Ward renamed Paso Robles Ward; Paso Robles 2nd Ward discontinued; Paso Robles 3rd Branch (Spanish) renamed Santa Lucia Branch (Spanish)
Sarasota Florida Stake: Lakewood Ranch and North Port Wards created/reinstated
Las Vegas Nevada Skye Canyon Stake: Eagle Canyon Ward created
Oklahoma City South Stake: Oklahoma City YSA Branch discontinued
American Fork Utah Stake: American Fork 41st Ward created
Huntsville Utah Stake: Nordic Valley Ward discontinued
Lehi Utah Stake: Colonial Branch (Care Center) created
Orem Utah Suncrest Stake: Suncrest 16th Ward created
Provo Utah YSA 17th Stake: Provo YSA 244th Ward discontinued
Salt Lake Granger East Stake: Granger 25th Ward discontinued
Salt Lake Granite Stake: Forest Dale 2nd Ward (Spanish) upgraded from Forest Dale 2nd Branch (Spanish)
Syracuse Utah Lake View YSA Stake: Carriage Point YSA Ward discontinued
Fort Worth Texas North Stake: Eagle Mountain Ward created
Houston Texas Summerwood Stake: Channelview Ward (Spanish), Greens Bayou Ward (Spanish), and Jacinto City Ward (Spanish) renamed from Houston 7th Ward (Spanish), West Lake Houston Ward (Spanish), and Galena Park Ward (Spanish), respectively
Round Rock Texas East Stake: Blackhawk Ward created
Buena Vista Virginia YSA Stake: Buena Vista YSA 7th Ward created

R. Jofre said...

Well, I get a good vibe from the news in Armenia. I hope they can continue steadily improving.

Xavier Raveau said...

The stake conferenze on june 3rd will be for the whole Europe area

Ray said...

Gnesileah, Thanks so much for keeping us up to date on all those unit changes! Much appreciated.

Unknown said...

Will the updates for the countries be random or in some sort of order

Mike Johnson said...

Missionary are being withdrawn from Nicaragua due to instabilities.

My nephew was just called to Nicaragua.

Eduardo Clinch said...

Sorry to hear. I hope he goes to another great Spanish speaking place.

John Pack Lambert said...

Salt Lake City has been at times one destination for Bosnian refugees.

There is one group of Sufis among Balkan Muslims that proactively embraces the consumption of alcohol. This is not a case of being lax Muslims, it is a case of a different interpretation of Islam.

One has to realize that Islam is a multi-faceted religion like Christianity. It lacks a recognized head, or anyone with the absolute power to prescribe what is orthodox, regulate membership, etc.

The fact that large numbers of Balkan Muslims are willing to consume alcohol probably does make it even harder to convet them to the LDS Church.

Not all missionaries were withdrawn from Nicaragua. The official Church statements indicate that missionaries remaining there were relocated to places of less disruption, and seem to suggest there is hope at this point that missionaries will return soon.

It is not clear if the national origin of missionaries was used in deciding which ones to remove.

miro said...

The Reogranisation in nordern germany is now in CDOL

Neumuenster and Hamburg stakes combined. Oldenburg and Neubrandenburg District discontinued.

(former Oldenburg District)
Bremerhaven branch (to Hamburg stake)
Wilhelmshaven branch (combined with Oldenburg branch)
Bad Bentheim branch (to Dortmund stake)
Leer, Oldenburg, Osnabrueck branches (to Hanover stake. Oldenburg might become a ward)

(former Neubrandenburg District)
Rostok branch (to Hamburg stake)
Greifswald branch (to Berlin stake)
Neubrandenburg branch (to Berlin stake)
Prenzlau, Eberswalde branches (discontinued)

Neumuenster stake
- all units to Hamburg stake

Hamburg stake
Altona ward (combined with Pinneberg ward)
Langenhorn ward (combined with Hamburg ward)
Wilhelmsburg ward and Stade branch (combined to form Buxtehude ward)
Bergedorf branch (combined with Laufenburg ward, but will meet in Bergedorf chapel)
Bremen ward (moved to Hannover stake)

Hannover stake
Kassel ward (moved to Friedrichsdorf stake)

Gnesileah said...

Those are significant changes in northern Germany.

Sante Fe Argentina Stake
- Santo Tome Ward renamed Santo Tome 1st Ward
- Santo Tome 2nd Ward created

Belém Brazil Icoaraci Stake
- Augusto Montenegro Ward renamed Eduardo Angelim Ward

Brazil Fortaleza East Mission
- Quixeramobim Branch created

Rome Italy East Stake
- Sabina's Branch created

Cocoa Florida Stake
- Merritt Island Ward created

Cape Town South Africa Stake
- Langa Branch renamed Langa 1st Branch
- Langa 2nd Branch created

Cookeville Tennessee Stake
- Tompkinsville Ward downgraded to branch
- Lafayette Branch created

South Jordan Utah Country Park Stake
- Country Park 9th Ward discontinued

Caracas Venezuela Palo Verde Stake
- La Tahona Ward discontinued
- Petare Ward discontinued

Grant Emery said...

Huh, I wonder what will be announced June 3 that they're doing an all-area multi-stake conference.

On a side note, Xavier Raveau, are you French? Your name looks similar to the last name of some members I knew in the Loire Valley (wondering if you just changed it for online's sake).

Eduardo Clinch said...

Test. Shall the youth of Zion falter?

Mike Johnson said...

I note that the Tompkinsville and Lafayette branches of the Cookeville Stake are next to each other. My guess is that the ward split in half to form the to branches.

James Anderson said...

Rick just found a Facebook posting that said the Winnipeg Temple has begun construction, a small piece of machinery was spotted preparing to do work this week, posted by the Facebook page Winnipeg LDS Temple initially

Eduardo Clinch said...


Eduardo Clinch said...

There may be more expatriate Bosnians abroad who are LDS than members residing within the country. I wonder.
Immigrants go foreign and join the Church externally.