Tuesday, March 20, 2018

New Stakes Created in Nigeria (2), Australia, Brazil, Peru, South Africa, and Utah; New Districts Created in Haiti and Nigeria; District Discontinued in Venezuela

The Church organized two new stakes in Benin City on February 18th. The Benin City Nigeria Sokponba Stake was organized from a division of the Benin City Nigeria Ikpokpan Stake and the Benin City Nigeria Oregbeni Stake. The new stake includes the following six wards and two branches: the Ekae, Evbuoriaria, Igun 2nd, Sokponba, Ugbekun, and Upper Sokponba Wards, and the Erediauwa and Idogbo Branches. The Benin City Nigeria Uzebu Stake was organized from a division of the Benin City Nigeria Ihogbe Stake. The new stake includes the following six wards and three branches: the Egbon Estate, Evbuotubu, Ogbe, Oliha, Ugboikhoko, and Uzebu 1st Wards, and the Agho, Oguola, and Upper Owina Branches. There are now eight stakes in Benin City - more than any other city in Nigeria.

The Church organized a new district in Ondo State on March 18th. The Akure Nigeria Stake includes the following five branches: Ado-Ekiti, Akure 1st, Akure 2nd, Akure 3rd, and Akure 4th Branches. The Church originally created its first branch in Akure in 1998 and its first district in Akure in 2003, but discontinued the district in 2009. There were originally two branches in Akure and two branches in Ondo, but the district closed in 2009 after one branch each closed in Akure and Ondo. Rapid congregational growth has occurred in these two cities during the past several years. In Akure, three new branches were organized in 2015 (1) and 2017 (2), whereas in Ondo the number of branches increased from one in 2013 to three in 2014 and six in 2017. The Ado-Ekiti Branch was created in 2016.

There are now 48 stakes and 16 districts in Nigeria.

The Church organized a new stake in Queensland on March 4th. The Brisbane Australia Beenleigh Stake was organized from a division of the Brisbane Australia Logan Stake, Coomera Australia Stake, and the Eight Mile Plains Australia Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards and one branch: the Beenleigh, Loganholme, Park Ridge 1st, Regents Park, and Windaroo Wards, and the Waterford West Branch (Samoan). There are now 12 stakes in the greater Brisbane metropolitan area.

There are now 41 stakes and 8 districts in Australia.

The Church organized a new stake in Parana State on February 25th. The São José dos Pinhais Brazil Jardim Ipê Stake was organized from a division of the São José dos Pinhais Brazil Stake and the Pinhais Brazil Stake. The new stake includes the following four wards and two branches: the Afonso Pena, Jardim Ipê, Parque da Fonte, and Piraquara Wards, and the Borda do Campo and Guarituba Branches. There are now 13 stakes in the Curitiba metropolitan area, and 22 stakes and 2 districts in Parana State.

There are now 269 stakes and 40 districts in Brazil.

The Church organized a new stake in Junin, Perú on January 28th. The Huancayo Perú El Valle Stake was organized from a division of the Huancayo Perú Stake and the Mantaro Perú Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards: the Chilca, El Tambo, La Libertad, Peñaloza, and San Carlos Wards. There are now three stakes in the Huancayo metropolitan area.

There are now 102 stakes and 19 districts in Perú.

South Africa
The Church organized a new stake in the Johannesburg area on February 11th. The Springs South Africa Stake was organized from a division of the Benoni South Africa Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards and one branch: the Boksburg, Kwa Thema, Selcourt, Springs, and Tsakane Wards, and the Secunda Branch. There are now nine stakes and one district in the Johannesburg metropolitan area.

There are now 17 stakes and 9 districts in South Africa.

The Church organized a new stake in Bluffdale, Utah on February 25th. The Bluffdale Utah Independence Stake was organized from a division of the Bluffdale Utah South Stake. The new stake includes the following five wards: the Independence 1st, Independence 2nd, Independence 3rd, Independence 4th, and Independence 5th Wards.

There are now 593 stakes and 1 district in Utah.

The Church organized a new district in northern Haiti on March 11th. The Cap-Haïtien Haiti District was organized from a division of the Gonaïves Haiti District. The new district includes the following four branches: the Cap-Haïtien, Fort Liberte, Limbe, and Vertieres Branches. Of the four branches in the new district, three of the branches have been organized since 2011, whereas the original Cap-Haïtien Branch was created in 1982.

There are now four stakes and four districts in Haiti.

The Church recently discontinued the Los Llanos Venezuela District. Headquartered in Acarigua/Araure, the district was originally organized in 1991 and had three branches when it was discontinued: Acarigua, Araure, and San Carlos. Two of the branches, Acarigua and Araure, were reassigned to the Barquisimeto Venezuela Stake, whereas the San Carlos Branch directly reports to the Venezuela Valencia Mission.

There are now 34 stakes and 5 districts in Venezuela.


Eduardo said...

Positive developments minus Venezuela. Recent discussions on this blog about LDS Church growth in and around hardships and violence is interesting. The political and economic malaisse of Venezuela perhaps is helping some Saints and missionaries to steel themselves against the adverse effects of this callous regime; perhaps priesthood and Relief Society organizations are somehow becoming stronger through these dire times. One could only hope during these trying times positive developments are in effect, despite unit attrition as noted.
I wonder how the Caracas Temple is operating.

Nephi said...

If we look to Book of Mormon times we see many instances of adversity making the faithful stronger. Overall the church seems to be growing and progressing. Sometimes I think we worry to much about one area growing and another area loosing wards and stakes. In some cases the changes have more to do with migration than anything else. I saw this when I was on my mission in Arizona. I served in an area that was in the center of Mesa and one of the wards we attended was the only ward in the building. It had nothing to do with people leaving the church but more to do with shifting demographics as many of the saints were moving to newer areas. In some cases you would see a ward discontinued but then in the next stake over you would see a new ward formed. I wonder if many saints are leaving Venezuela looking for better places to raise a family. It will be interesting to see if new wards are formed in surrounding countries that can be attributed to migration. Love this web site and I enjoy reading other peoples thoughts and ideas.

Mike Johnson said...

President Nelson and Elder Holland and their wives in April are going to:

London, England
Jerusalem, Israel
Nairobi, Kenya
Harare, Zimbabwe
Bangaluru, India
Bangkok, Thailand
Hong Kong
Laie, Hawaii

John Pack Lambert said...

I could see a temple announced for Bangaluru, India. Will this be the first visit by a current president of the Church to India. I know President Hinckley did travel to India, but I am not aware of him having done so while president of the Church, although President Hinckley traveled so much it became hard to keep up.

Mike Johnson said...

London, Hong Kong, and Laie have temples.

Nairobi, Harare, and Bangkok, have announced temples without a groundbreaking announcement set. (I wonder if we will hear about ground breakings)

Jerusalem was the site ancient temples

Bangaluru could in fact be a near term temple location.

President Monson may have spoiled us to expect temple announcements in general conferences.
Number of temples announced during general conference weekend divided by the total announced by presidents.

Previous Presidents: 0/15 = 0.0%
Spencer W Kimball: 1/30 = 3.3%
Ezra Taft Benson: 3/9 = 33.3%
Howard W Hunter: 0/3 = 0.0%
Gordon B Hinckley: 15/78 = 19.2%
Thomas S Monson: 28/33 = 84.8%

This just counts the temples listed by TempleRick and don't include cancelled or discontinued temples (such as Kirtland, Far West, original Nauvoo).

Announcement in general conference was not historically the norm. Of course, it may have become an accepted practice now. It will be interesting to see how President Nelson works with announcements.

A thought just occurred to me, announce a temple for Bangaluru in General Conference and then visit there a couple of weeks later. I wonder what interest that would draw.

twinnumerouno said...

Perhaps President Nelson wants to visit those two African cities to finalize selection of a temple site, as I recall that other prophets have done previously. (If that is the case, and since he's not going to Abidjan- which was announced earlier than both- maybe the Church has a site in Abidjan already, though it has not yet been announced. Of course, this is just speculation, and there may be nothing to it.)

Mike Johnson said...

Good speculation.

Eduardo said...

Nigeria is certainly worthy of a second temple.

James Anderson said...

The American Fork 28th Ward, which is in the west and south of that city near I-15, was scuttled last night and the members were assigned to the three wards around it

Grant Emery said...

The Versailles France Ward was split today. There is now the Versailles Ward and the Le Chesnay Ward. The latter ward includes the temple.

James said...

Curiosity question, Grant. One of my dad's sisters married a Brian Emery, and they lived in Oklahoma until a few years ago, at which point he took a job that required them to relocate to the Middle East, more particularly Saudi Arabia, if memory serves. You wouldn't be a relative of his, would you? Thanks.