Friday, February 28, 2014

February 2014 Newsletter

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Mike Johnson said...

The Toronto YSA Branch, Toronto Ontario Stake, was created on 2 March. There are now 8 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Bayview Ward (Mandarin)
Christie Ward (Spanish)
Don Mills Ward
Don Valley Ward
Markham Ward (Cantonese)
Richmond Hill Ward
Scarborough Ward
Toronto Ward
Toronto YSA Branch

Also, a Mandalay Ward in Capetown, South Africa, was created on 2 March, but its assigned stake is not yet showing up.

TempleRick said...

Maybe the Mandalay Ward is part of the new Bellville South Africa Stake created yesterday.

Mike Johnson said...

Makes sense Rick. There is a pending Bellville South Africa Stake in CDOL without much associated with it yet.

The Capetown South Africa Stake is showing 9 wards and 4 branches. With an additional ward, I can see 2 stakes. The Khayelitsha Ward meets in a meetinghouse in Mandalay.

I note that the Bellville and Panarama Wards meet in the Cape Town South Africa Stake Center. At least on LDS maps.

My guess would be that the Mandalay Ward will remain in the Cape Town Stake, but five wards from the stake (Bellville, Milnerton, Paarl, Panarama, and Somerset West) will end up in the new stake. This is guessed at just by looking at the map. Of course officials there will use statistics and will have a better handle on what might make sense.

Mike Johnson said...

Fogo Cape Verde is still showing up as a district a month after it supposedly was elevated to a stake.

Ray said...

That is probably why a Fogo Cape Verde Stake was not included in the list of new stakes that were reported in the February 2014 Newsletter. When the second Cape Verde stake was created last year, the stake showed up fairly quickly but it took several months for the branches to be changed to wards.

Ray said...

Feb growth in Church Units

+ 28 W&B; + 31 W - 3 br + 5 stakes - 2 districts

US + 18; + 17 W + 1 br + 3 stakes (Searcy, Ar, Alliance Tx, Herrman Mountain View Ut)

outside US + 10; + 14 W - 4 br + 2 stakes (Samoa and Ghana) - 2 districts (Guat, merged with other district, and Ghana, district became stake)

Feb changes in Wards and Branch totals in nations outside US: Angola + 1 br, Arg - 2 br, Bolivia - 1 br, Botswana + 1 W, Brazil + 1 W, Canada + 1 W + 1 br, Chile - 1 W - 2 br, Cote d'Ivoire + 7 br, Germany + 1 W - 1 br, Ghana + 5W - 5 br, Guatemala + 1 W - 1 br, India + 1 br, Mexico + 1 W - 1 br, Morocco + 1 br, Nigeria + 1 br, Peru - 1 br, Philippines + 6 W - 1 br, South Africa - 1 W, Switzerland + 1 W - 1 br, Uruguay - 2 W (Total + 18 W created - 4 W discontinued and + 11 Br created - 15 Br discontinued or changed to Wards)

Year to date Church Unit changes by continent or region:

Asia + 8 W&B; Africa + 17; Europe + 0; North America + 35; Pacific + 0; South America - 16;

Total increase 60 W&B; decrease 16, net + 44

Ray said...

Herriman Mountain View, not Herrman Mountain View

Joseph said...

The Church History Symposium this weekend looks really Interesting from a Church Growth Perspective Is anyone going?

“The Worldwide Church: The Global Reach of Mormonism.”

Grant Emery said...

Oh my gosh! That conference looks amazing! I wish so much that I were in Utah right now! Does anyone know if the lectures from the symposium will be recored/written down? I would really love to see pretty much every one of those sessions. Ugh.

Matthew Crandall said...

I wrote an article here that you might be interested in.

Gnesileah said...

I agree, the Church History Symposium looks amazing. Hopefully the presentations are recorded and at least put on YouTube like last year's Symposium:

Mike Johnson said...

The Bellville South Africa Stake was created on 2 March. There are 5 wards in the stake:

Bellville Ward
Milnerton Ward
Mowbray Ward
Paarl Ward
Panorama Ward

The Mandalay Ward, Cape Town South Africa Stake, was created on 2 March. There are now 5 wards and 4 branches in the stake:

Fish Hoek Ward
Khayelitsha Ward
Mandalay Ward
Meadowridge Ward
Somerset West Ward
Guguletu Branch
Hermanus Branch
Langa Branch
Mitchell's Plain Branch

The Branchburg Branch (Spanish), Morristown New Jersey Stake, was created on 2 March. There are now 6 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Clinton Ward
Dover Ward (Spanish)
Ledgewood Ward
Morristown 1st Ward
North Branch Ward
Sparta Ward
Branchburg Branch (Spanish)
Morristown 2nd Branch (Spanish)

The Enrile Branch, Tuguegarao Philippines South Stake, was created on 2 March. There are now 5 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Cabagan Ward
Cataggaman Ward
Penablanca Ward
Tuguegarao 2nd Ward
Tuguegarao 4th Ward
Enrile Branch
Gosi Branch
San Bernardo Branch

The Mimboman Branch, Yaounde Cameroon District, Democratic Republic of the Congo Kinshasa Mission, was created on 16 February. There are now 5 branches in the district:

Anguissa Branch
Bastos 1st Branch
Bastos 2nd Branch
Ekounou Branch
Mimboman Branch

The St Johns River Ward, Jacksonville Florida South Stake , was created on 2 March. There are now 10 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Fleming Island 1st Ward
Interlachen Ward
Julington Creek Ward
Mandarin 1st Ward
Palatka 1st Ward
Palatka 2nd Ward
St Augustine Shores Ward
St Augustine Ward
St Johns River Ward
St Johns Ward
Crescent City Branch

The Stonebridge Ward, Eagle Mountain Utah North Stake, was created on 2 March. There are now 11 wards in the stake:

Eagle's Gate 1st Ward
Eagle's Gate 2nd Ward
Highlands 1st Ward
Highlands 2nd Ward
Highlands 3rd Ward
Kennekuk Ward
Mount Airey Ward
Northmoor Ward
Rock Creek Ward
Stonebridge Ward
Willow Springs Ward

Mike Johnson said...

Note, the new Bellville South Africa Stake essentially took in the northern half of the old Capetown South Africa Stake, with the new Capetown stake retaining the southern half.

Mike Johnson said...

The American Denj Branch, Ulaanbaatar Mongolia East District, Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Mission, was created on 2 March. There are now 6 branches in the district:

American Denj Branch
Baganuur Branch
Bayanzurkh Branch
Nalaikh Branch
Sansar Branch
Sukhbaatar Branch
Ulaanbaatar Mongolia Family History Center

The Cleveland 2nd Branch (Spanish), Kingwood Texas Stake, was created on 23 February. There are now 7 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Atascocita Ward
Cleveland Ward 1st Ward
Humble Ward
Kingwood 1st Ward
Kingwood 2nd Ward
Kingwood 3rd Ward
Livingston Ward
Cleveland 2nd Branch (Spanish)
San Jacinto River Branch (Spanish)

The San Ramón Ward, Puebla México Mayorazgo Stake, was created on 16 February. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Cacalotepec Ward
Castillotla Ward
Dieciseis de Septiembre Ward
Granjas del Sur Ward
Loma Bella Ward
Mayorazgo Ward
San Ramón Ward
Tlaxcalancingo Ward
Tres Cerritos Ward

James Anderson said...

I just found this broadcast, it's to the New Zealand/Australia and Pacific area, Elder Hamula's talk has some interesting new information about a new quarterly report form plus some information about how many stakes in the area if they had been proposed using current Handbook 1 stake creation standards would not have been approved, and how the efforts in those areas mean many more stakes now truly qualify on the matter of priesthood holders. He also mentions all the stakes created in the area in the last two years. This is all in the first talk.

Pascal said...

That's an interesting broadcast, James! Thanks for sharing!

I've always suspected that some of the stakes of the Pacific Islands are probably on the lower permissible bound as far as membership/leadership requirements are concerned. Especially in places like Tonga, where high rates of migration and small potential for Missionary work due to very high membership percentage in the population prevail.

Adam said...

Thanks for the link. The part I enjoyed hearing was that in the past four years only 50% (meaning 55 of the 109 stakes) met the 100 FTPMB, now over 80% does and they've created 16 stakes the past two years, up to a total of 126.

I bet that worldwide there will potential boom of stakes as all those countries that have been in between the qualifications the past decade now are caught up to where they should be. You can already see it in the Philippines, and I bet soon it will spread to most Latin American countries as well.

Mike Johnson said...

Actually, the Active, Full-Tithe-Paying Melchizedek Holders (AFTPMH) requirement is not 100 for a stake.

It is 24 + 15 per ward + 4-6 per branch.

This coupled with a minimum of 5 wards, yields 24 + 5 x 15 = 99, which is probably the source of the 100 stated.

But, if the stake has 6 wards and 2 branches, then the minimum AFTPMPHs is 24 + 6 x 15 + 2 x (4-6), which is 24 + 90 + (8-12) = 122-126, for such a stake.

My stake presidency tells the story that they were getting close to previous North America standards, but as they were attained, the standards went up. So, these standards were increased in North America only a few years ago. The increase was from 2500 members to 3000 members per stake after the organization of a stake. This meant that with 5000 members (plus the number of wards and the number of AFTPMPHs), my stake could have been split. But, now we need 6000 members. We are well above the other requirements, but are about 5500 members in the stake right now.