Monday, February 17, 2014

New Stakes in Arkansas, Ghana, Idaho, Samoa, Texas, and Utah

On January 26th, the Church organized its sixth stake in Arkansas from a division of the North Little Rock Arkansas Stake and the Memphis Tennessee North Stake.  The Searcy Arkansas Stake includes the following five wards and five branches: The Cabot, Jacksonville, Jonesboro, Quitman, and Searcy Wards and the Batesville, Lonoke, Mountain View, Paragould, and Pocahontas Branches.  The last new stake organized in Arkansas was the Springdale Arkansas Stake in 2006.

Two Sundays ago the Church organized a new stake in the Ghana Cape Coast Mission.  The Winneba Ghana Stake was organized from the Swedru Ghana District and includes the following five wards and three branches: The Ansaful, Kojo Bedu, Swedru 1st, Swedru 2nd, and Winneba Wards and the Asikuma, Odoben 1st, and Odoben 2nd Branches.  There are now 12 stakes and eight districts in Ghana.

On January 19th, the Church organized a new stake in Idaho.  The Iona Idaho South Stake was divided from the Iona Idaho and Idaho Falls Lincoln Stakes and includes the following seven wards: The Iona 2nd, Iona 5th, Iona 11th, Lincoln 4th, Lincoln 5th, Lincoln 6th, and Lincoln 7th Wards.  There are now 127 stakes in Idaho.

On January 26th, the Church organized a new stake in Samoa.  The Upolu Samoa Tafuaupolu Stake was organized from a division of the Upolu Samoa West, Upolu Samoa South, and Upolu Samoa Aleisa Stakes and includes the following five wards and one branch: The Fasitootai, Lepale, Safaatoa, Satapuala, and Vailuutai Wards and the Faleaseela Branch.  There are now 20 stakes in Samoa and 25 stakes in the Samoan Islands.

Yesterday the Church organized a new stake in Texas.  The Alliance Texas Stake was created from a division of the Colleyville Stake and appears to include the following six wards: The Bonds Ranch, Heritage, Roanoke, Trophy Club, Woodland Springs 1st, and Woodland Springs 2nd Wards.  There are now 60 stakes in Texas.

Members report that this coming Sunday a new stake will be created from the Herriman Utah South Stake.  I will provide specifics on what congregations are included in the new stake when this information becomes available.  With the creation of the new stake, there will be 567 stakes in Utah.


Michael Worley said...

This is the fastest pace of new stakes in several years.

Is anyone able to compare CDOL YTD with last year? I wonder if Wards and branches are keeping up or if this is just a (happy) statistical anomaly.

James Crowther said...

Actually the new Iona Idaho South Stake Includes the Iona 1,3,4,6,7,8,9, and 10th wards. The Lincoln 4,5,6, and 7th wards were moved to the existing Iona Idaho Stake. The Lincoln 7th ward moved meetinghouse locations to the Iona Stake Center.

I wouldn't say the stake creation pace is that fast compared to previous years. Some of the new stakes reported this years were actually created in December.
By March 8th, 2014, there will be new stakes.
Looking at the list of new stakes per year on the side of the blog I see:
By March 3, 2013, there was 6 new stakes with two more in March.
By March 4, 2012, there was 5 new stakes with five more in March.
By March 6, 2011, there was 6 new stakes with six more in March.

2010, 2009, and 2008 were all a little bit slower. So unless there are a lot more than 4 more stakes in March, the year will be about the same as the last 3 years. I think Matt has done a post on this in the past, but I think In the 80's and 90's, the rate of Congregational growth outpaced stake growth. Now in 2000's the increase in stake growth is slightly outpacing congregational growth.

Mike Johnson said...

The Delray Beach Ward, Pompano Beach Florida Stake, was created on 16 February. There are now 8 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Boca Raton Ward
Boynton Beach Ward
Coconut Creek Ward
Coral Springs Ward
Delray Beach Ward
Lauderhill Ward (Spanish)
Palm Beach Ward
West Palm Beach Ward (Spanish)
Cypress Creek Branch
Tamarac Branch

The Dondo Branch, Beira Mozambique District, Mozambique Maputo Mission, was created on 26 January. There are now 8 branches in the district:

Beira 2nd Branch
Beira 1st Branch
Dondo Branch
Inhamízua Branch
Manga 1st Branch
Manga 2nd Branch
Manga 3rd Branch
Munhava Branch

The Spring Creek 3rd Ward, Lehi Utah Stake, was created on 16 February. There are now 11 wards in the stake:

Lehi 1st Ward
Lehi 2nd Ward
Lehi 5th Ward
Lehi 6th Ward
Lehi 9th Ward
Lehi 10th Ward
Spring Creek 1st Ward
Spring Creek 2nd Ward
Spring Creek 3rd Ward
Westfield Ward
Wines Park Ward

The Alliance Texas Stake is also showing up in CDOL, but looks incomplete. Only four wards are listed. It also doesn't list the mission, the temple, the bishops' storehouse, the area coordinating council, and other links usually associated with a stake on CDOL. The four wards listed are: Heritage, Justin, Roanoke, and Woodland Springs 1st. The stake center apparently is in Trophy Club, TX.