Thursday, March 6, 2014

New District in Cape Verde

Missionaries report that this coming Sunday the Church will organize a new district in Cape Verde.  The new district will consist of the two branches and one group on the island of Sal and perhaps the recently organized Sal Rei Branch on Boa Vista.  Missionaries indicate that the new district will be called the Espargos Cape Verde District.  Once the new district is created there will be two stakes and two districts in Cape Verde.

I have still not found confirmation regarding the advancement of the Fogo Cape Verde District into a stake.  I will report this information once it becomes available. 


Mike Johnson said...

The Sal Branch just split into two branches on 31 March 2013. These branches are in the Mindelo Cape Verde.

This means either or both that the stake has now grown to the point where it does not need the Sal branches and/or the membership in the Sal branches can function as a district.

It makes sense to put the Sal Rei Branch (created 28 July 2013) in the new district. Other than the Cape Verde Praia Mission Branch, the Sal Rei Branch is only branch directly reporting to the mission and the two islands are near each other in the northeast part of the islands.

Mike Johnson said...

The Fogo District is still showing up as a district in CDOL.

The Pulaski Branch, Franklin Tennessee Stake, was created on 23 February. There are now 9 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Columbia Ward
Dickson Ward
Franklin 2nd Ward
Franklin 3rd Ward
Lawrenceburg Ward
Linden Ward
Spring Hill Ward
Thompsons Station 1st Ward
Thompsons Station 2nd Ward
Fairview Branch
Pulaski Branch

Michael Worley said...

Bellville South Africa Stake-- is that creation confirmed?

J S A said...

Bellville South Africa Stake (2020734)

Stake President (Primary contact)
2 Mar 2014
Paul Kruger

Anonymous said...

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

The Queens NY Stake, the Lynbrook NY District, and the Little Neck Ward of the Plainview NY Stake will be combining for a special joint Stake Conference on April 12th and 13th to create the Lynbrook NY Stake. Elder Anthony D Perkins of the 1st Quorum of the Seventy will be presiding and Elder Jeffery E. Olson of the Sixth Quorum of the Seventy will be accompanying Elder Perkins.

Excerpt of memo from Stake Presidency above.

James Crowther said...

I also heard from a good friend that their branch (Huntington) in the Plainview Stake became a ward last Sunday. Most likely this happened in preparation for this new stake.

You probably have more information, but I would assume the new stake would include the Old Lynbrook district branches and the ones that become stakes, the Little Neck ward, The Richmond hill Ward and branch, and the Jamaica Ward and branch. I see there isn't any building in the Lynbrook District, hopefully they get one soon.

Mike Johnson said...

These are the wards and branches showing up in CDOL for the Lynbrook District and the Queens and Plainview stakes:

Lynbrook New York District, New York New York South Mission

Belle Harbor Branch
Freeport Branch
Lynbrook Branch
Mineola Branch (Spanish)
Rockaway Branch (Spanish)

Queens New York Stake

Astoria Ward
Flushing 2nd Ward
Jamaica 1st Ward
Rego Park 1st Ward
Rego Park 2nd Ward (Spanish)
Richmond Hill 3rd Ward (Spanish)
Woodside Ward (Spanish)
Flushing 1st Branch (Spanish)
Flushing 3rd Branch (Korean)
Jamaica 2nd Branch (Spanish)
Queens YSA Branch
Richmond Hill 1st Branch

Plainview New York Stake

Bay Shore Ward
Brentwood Ward (Spanish)
Little Neck Ward
Plainview Ward
South Shore Ward
Terryville Ward
Hampton Bays Branch
Huntington Branch
Patchogue Branch (Spanish)
Plainview YSA Branch
Riverhead Branch

Bryce said...

Matt et al,
Regarding Belarus, I recall that just over a year ago there were several comments posted from individuals stating that it was possible that the Church had been in Belarus long enough that the Church qualified to receive official recognition there. Any word on whether that is moving forward or if those calculations were incorrect?

Of interest, my cousin is serving his mission in Ukraine and is currently located in Nikoliev, which is located in the southeast. He said that there were a couple days the missionaries stayed indoors, otherwise they are continuing to work and have success. He also stated there were strong split opinions in the branch about the current situation. Also, they received a recent addition to their zone, the missionaries from Crimea. Apparently they were told that it was temporary and all the missionaries left most of their stuff in Crimea, taking just a week of clothes with them.

Joseph said...

This looks like a very interesting resource

The Association of Religion Data Archives (ARDA) Link is to the LDS Church page

Mike Johnson said...

ARDA is a very interesting database and I use it extensively.

Its data is from 2010 and comes (mostly) from the Churches themselves. There are some estimates. The Community of Christ data seems to be at the "mission center" level and then divided uniformly among the congregations in the "mission center." There are 64 mission centers worldwide, averaging about 4000 members each, although some are a lot larger.

ARDA reworked the LDS data for 2010, which tended to increase the reported numbers. I think they convinced the Church to provide not only the membership count for each ward or branch, but also those in the "administrative unit" file--i.e., those not in contact with a local congregation.

This contrasts with the reworking they did for the Catholic Church for 2010--basically ignoring the estimates that show up and had the Catholic Church diocese provide data for each parish--registered Catholics of the parish plus an estimate, based on the number of ordinances done in the parish, for non-registered Catholics. The net result was to reduce the number of Catholics on average. The work was actually done by a committee appointed by the Catholic National Council of Bishops and had access to the records of all parishes and diocese in the US.

Mike Johnson said...

The Eliana Ward, São Paulo Brazil Grajaú Stake, was created on 9 March. There are now 8 wards in the stake:

Cocaia Ward
Eliana Ward
Grajaú Ward
Jardim Mirna Ward
Lucélia Ward
Noronha Ward
Novo Jaú Ward
Residencial Cocaia Ward

Matt said...


As always thanks for the updates! I noticed a new branch showing up for Italy - any idea on its name and assigned stake/district?

Mike Johnson said...

The Igando Ward, Lagos Nigeria West Stake, was created on 9 March. There are now 9 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Abule Egba Ward
Akowonjo Ward
Egbeda Ward
Ejigbo Ward
Ifako Ward
Igando Ward
Ikotun Ward
Orile-Agege Ward
Oshodi Ward
Ayobo Branch
Iju Branch
Sango Branch

TempleRick said...

In my research, I have found a sister missionary in Fogo who reports attending District Conference on February 15 and 16, but she makes no mention of Fogo becoming a stake. Another elder reports being notified that Fogo has approval to become a stake, but he does not say when the reorganization will take place. I'm thinking Fogo is still a district but will probably be reorganized in the next couple of months.

TempleRick said...

Sal 1st Branch
Sal 2nd Branch
Sal Rei Branch
Santa Maria Branch