Friday, January 10, 2014

New Stake in Honduras

The Church organized a new stake in Honduras several weeks ago.

The Choloma Honduras Stake was organized from a division of the Fesitranh Honduras Stake and includes the following five wards and two branches: The Campana, Choloma, El Centro, Los Almendros, and Puerto Cortes Wards and the La Jutosa and Monterrey Branches.  There are now nine stakes in the San Pedro Sula metropolitan area and 23 stakes and seven districts in the entire country.


Mike Johnson said...

The Rexburg Married Student 34th Ward, Rexburg Idaho Married Student 4th Stake, was created on 5 January. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Rexburg Married Student 12th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 15th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 18th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 24th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 26th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 28th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 2nd Ward
Rexburg Married Student 30th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 34th Ward

The Lebanon 2nd Branch (Spanish), Madison Tennessee Stake, was created on 5 January. There are now 7 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Bowling Green 1st Ward
Bowling Green 2nd Ward
Gallatin Ward
Goodlettsville Ward
Hendersonville Ward
Lebanon 1st Ward
White House Ward
Lebanon 2nd Branch (Spanish)
Madison Branch (Spanish)

The Choloma Honduras Stake was created on 10 December. There are 5 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Campana Ward
Choloma Ward
El Centro Ward
Los Almendros Ward
Puerto Cortés Ward
La Jutosa Branch
Monterrey Branch

I missed this stake as it posted to CDOL outside of the 21 day window--I am informed of new creations in the last 21 day. I may need to expand that window.

Mike Johnson said...

The Jardim Conceição Branch, Osasco Brazil Stake, was created on 8 December. There are now 8 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Baronesa Ward
Jardim Veloso Ward
Munhoz Júnior Ward
Nova Granada Ward
Novo Osasco Ward
Osasco Ward
Rochdale Ward
Vila Yara Ward
Jaguaré Branch
Jardim Conceição Branch

The Miami Beach 2nd Branch, Miami Lakes Florida Stake, was created on 15 December. There are now 9 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Doral Ward (Spanish)
El Portal Ward (Spanish)
Flagler Ward
Fountainebleau Ward (Spanish)
Hialeah Ward (Spanish)
Miami Lakes Ward (Spanish)
Miami Shores Ward
North Miami Beach Ward (Spanish)
Palm Springs Ward
Miami Beach 1st Branch (Spanish)
Miami Beach 2nd Branch
Miami Beach YSA Branch

Michael Worley said...
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Michael Worley said...

New mission Presidents announced: No new missions; no noted (and thus presumably none) consolidations.

James Anderson said...

I note almost no growth in the Sao Paulo metro other than the Osasco area, as it looks like three branches were created in the last year and one may have matured into a ward but was not noted in a previous post's comment.

Osasco is in the western part of that area, near the Marginal Tiete freeway (along Rio Tiete) and the Castelo Branco freeway. Some of the area includes areas west of Osasco, but not as far south as Cotia which has its own stake. Raposo Tavares is also south of Osasco and there's a stake there.

It's intereting not seeing any other unit creations throughout the Sao Paulo metro other than Osasco.

Unknown said...

I could definitely see growth in the near future in the São Paulo area especially with a new mission created in Santos, Brasil recently due to the missionary surge

John said...

And between the two Spanish branches in Madison stake, Mufreesboro stake has the Buena Vista (Spanish) Branch in Mount Juliet. That's about twenty miles south of Madison and fifteen miles west of Lebanon.

Matt said...

James Anderson-

I know of four new units (all branches) that have been organized in the Sao Paulo metropolitan area within the past year including:

- Paulicéia Branch (São Paulo Brazil Parque Bristol Stake)
- Jardim Ivete Branch (São Paulo Brazil Mogi das Cruzes Stake)
- Jardim Conceição Branch (Osasco Brazil Stake)
- Mata Virgem Branch (Alvarenga Brazil Stake)

James Anderson said...

Mogi das Cruzes is a city on the far southeast near Maua.

Parque Bristol is near east, not sure where Alvaranga fits in the area, but with so many district names in both SP city and Guarulhos, and a couple of other large places within the metro, it's hard to know without visualizing the area on a map.

So are these created, given they are right within the urban core, similar to urban branches here albeit within existing stakes, to grow them out into wards?

Mike Johnson said...

Parque das Nações Branch, Rio Claro Brazil Stake was also created in the Sao Paolo area. It was created on 8 December 2013.

I had five branches--I had thought there would be more--and Matt already posted the other four.

Mike Johnson said...

My nephew serving the office of the Sao Paolo Brazil North Mission reports that the mission office has moved. He now doesn't have to take a train to get to his area every day, but he adds:

"On the down side I will miss living right next to the temple. It was nice to wake up each day and go on a run with my companion and pass in front of the temple here. Also we are going to be a bit further from Church Headquarters so we won´t be able to pick up needed supplies, such as new cellphones, so quickly. It really is Mormon country here in Caxingui so another thing I will miss is seeing all the members from previous areas. It´s great to see people whom I worked with in the past still firm in the Faith."

James Anderson said...

Rio Claro is up north of Campinas on the Washington Luiz freeway. It has four wards while the two cities of equal size on the Anhanguera, southeast and northeast of Rio Claro, Limeira and Araras (Araras looks slightly smaller), only have one ward or branch each in it.

Cordeiropolis, between Limeira and Rio Claro, just got its own branch recently.

It was easier pulling a map from this FamilySearch affiliate site than from Google itself, although this is all from Google save for the cemetery markers on the map itself.

Grant Emery said...

In the France Paris Mission, President Franck Poznanski (only the second French mission president in Paria after Louis bertrand in 1886) will be replaced by fellow frenchman Frédéric J. Babin. It seems like there has been many indications of real growth in France over the past five years. In addition to the mission presidents, the Paris temple was announced, the last district was dissolved as a new stake was created, and (anecdotally) I feel like a lot more French members have been leaving on missions. It just makes a France Paris Mission RM like me happy! (And yes, I know there have been problems too)

Mike Johnson said...

The Bethânia Branch, Ipatinga Brazil District, Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission, was created on 12 January. There are now 7 branches in the district:

Bethânia Branch
Caratinga Branch
Coronel Fabriciano Branch
Esperança Branch
Governador Valadares Branch
Ipatinga Branch
João Monlevade Branch

The Dickinson 2nd Ward, Bismarck North Dakota Stake, was created on 12 January. There are now 9 wards and 7 branches in the stake:

Bismarck 1st Ward
Bismarck 2nd Ward
Dickinson 1st Ward
Dickinson 2nd Ward
Minot 1st Ward
Minot 2nd Ward
Minot 3rd Ward
Williston 1st Ward
Williston 2nd Ward
Beulah Branch
Fort Yates Branch
McLaughlin Branch
New Town Branch
Rugby Branch
Stanley Branch
Watford City Branch

The Jardim Ivete Branch, São Paulo Brazil Mogi das Cruzes Stake, was created on 13 December. There are now 5 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Brás Cubas Ward
Jundiapeba Ward
Mogi Centro Ward
Suzano Ward
Vila Lavínia Ward
Boa Vista Branch
Guararema Branch
Jardim Ivete Branch

The Jordan Philippines District, Philippines Iloilo Mission, was created on 22 December. There are 3 branches in the district:

Buenavista Branch
Jordan Branch
Nueva Valencia Branch

The Mamfe Branch, Accra Ghana Adenta Stake, was created on 12 January. There are now 8 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Achimota Ward
Adenta 1st Ward
Adenta 2nd Ward
Kwabenya Ward
Madina 1st Ward
Madina 2nd Ward
New Legon Ward
West Adenta Ward
Dodowa Branch
Mamfe Branch

The Surfside Beach Ward, Florence South Carolina Stake, was created on 12 January. There are now 6 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Conway Ward
Florence Ward
Hartsville Ward
Myrtle Beach Ward
Sumter Ward
Surfside Beach Ward
Cheraw Branch
Marion Branch

Aaron and Kamyra said...

Is it just me or has there been a lot more branches created of recent months, also an increase in districts?

Adam said...

Great news about Jordan. It is on the island of Guimaras, also has another two groups on it and they looking to get a third started up. I served in the mission that had Guimaras, and they had been hoping for a district for quite some time. Don't see it becoming a stake too soon since most of its seasoned members leave for employment reasons, but great news nonetheless.

It doesn't appear to be in CDOL yet, where did you hear about it Mike?

Adam said...

Nevermind, I found it. Thanks for finding it.

James Anderson said...
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James Anderson said...

Brazil Santos mission did take from both Sao Paulo South and Sao Paulo East. The South mission gave up Santos proper and the cities of Bertioga nad four cities west of it along BR-101. To the east they took Maresias, Sao Sebastiao, and Microregion of Caraguatatuba and likely Ubatuba, all along BR-101.

Got a map of the Suzano/Mogi das Cruzes area from that same genealogy site as the area around Rio Claro. The units are all near or along SP-066, Screwed up the link so I'm clearing the old link and getting this in with the correct one that will show that map properly.

John Pack Lambert said...

On the French issue, we also have a French member of the Presiding Bishopric. My favorite though is Elder Claude R. Gamiette, who is from the French Department of Guadaloupe. He previously served as president of the West Indies Mission. Elder Gamiette's wife was born in mainland France.

There was a Frenchman who served as president of a mission in Italy in either the late-1970s or early-1980s. I am forgetting his name. I want to say he was the mission president of my professor of the history of France at BYU. However maybe Professor Eric Durstellar knew of him some other way. I know that his wife had been mission companions with Sister Camille Fronk (now Olson), who was another professor I had at BYU and who I interviewed for my paper on the history of the Church in France.

John Pack Lambert said...

The real test of whether France has developed deep local leadership will be, will they call a Frenchman as president of the Paris Temple. To me that is the real sign of when the Church has developed deep and strong local leadership.

This is partly, because the Church seems to generally prefer calling mission presidents who are not resident in their mission. There are excelptions, from Elder Gamiette I mentioned above, to Richard G. Hinckley, but they are fairly rare.