Monday, January 13, 2014

New District in the Philippines

The Church organized a new district in the Philippines on December 22nd.

The Jordan Philippines District was organized from the Iloilo Philippines Stake and includes the following three branches and two groups on Guimaras Island: The Buenavista, Jordan, and Nueva Valencia Branches and the Comian and Sibunag Groups.  The new district becomes the Church's first new district created in the Visayas since the organization of the Sogod Philippines District in 2007.  The opening of the Philippines Iloilo Mission in 2010 has coincided with expanded missionary efforts on Guimaras Island as two additional branches and two additional groups have since been organized.

There are now 88 stakes and 83 districts in the Philippines.

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Ed Clinch said...

I think an interesting list would note the notable personalities that have served in the various countries of the world.

For instance, Phillipines would have John Bytheway and Tyler Haws, France would have Mitt Romney and...

John Anderson? Was that you I knew from Near Eastern Study Center from summer 1995? You had a gift for guessing when people would marry, but with me you were unsure.