Monday, January 27, 2014

Members Serving Full-time Missions from Burma (Myanmar)

Missionaries report that two members from Yangon, Burma have recently begun serving full-time missions. These new missionaries represent some of the first members to serve a mission from this country.  The Church has operated a branch in Yangon for many years and has had humanitarian senior missionary couples assigned to Yangon for over a decade.   Although the Church has not published official membership statistics for the country, there appear to be less than 200 members nationwide.


Pascal said...

That's great news! I'm glad to see also that Burma finally seems to be a country where freedom (both religious and general) are increasing.

Was there any indication made of which Missions those two Missionaries are serving in?

James Anderson said...

These were not the first.

About four years ago six missionaries were serving, one was in California Oakland at the time I heard of it, and had been the companion of one in my ward that was serving there at the time.

There's a program as part of the 'Into All The World' series on Mormon Channel where they interviewed a senior couple who had served there, that made mention of this I think.

Danny and Trishy said...

This made my day. So Happy to hear that they are finally able to serve mission. It is so awesome to know that there are other Burmese members because sometime I feel like I'm the only one.

Ray said...

There was a Karen Branch opened in Salt Lake for Burmese asylum immigrants a couple of years ago.