Saturday, December 7, 2013

Landmark LDS Almanac Now Available on Kindle - Volume II

David Stewart and I have recently published our new book Reaching the Nations: International Church Growth Almanac: 2014 Edition, Volume II (Asia and Africa) on for Kindle.  We are listing the Kindle edition for $20.  Click here for order on  We hope that many will utilize the Kindle edition of this massive comprehensive work considering Volume II is 942 pages.  Volume I (the Americas, Oceania, and Europe) can be ordered here.  Most of the information presented in both volumes is current as of mid-2013.  No other resource available provides as a complete and thorough examination and analysis of LDS growth trends on a country and regional level.


Mike Johnson said...

The Rexburg Married Student 33rd Ward, Rexburg Idaho Married Student 2nd Stake, was created on 8 December. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Rexburg Married Student 6th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 10th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 13th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 19th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 21st Ward
Rexburg Married Student 25th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 29th Ward
Rexburg Married Student 31st Ward
Rexburg Married Student 33rd Ward

The Chatelain's said...

Was there a stake recently created in Peru? I saw 101 on CDOl and I didn't any new stakes created since Peru's 100th in Lima.

Mike Johnson said...

The Logan YSA 49th Ward, Logan Utah YSA 2nd Stake, was created on 8 December. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Logan YSA 11th Ward
Logan YSA 12th Ward
Logan YSA 13th Ward
Logan YSA 14th Ward
Logan YSA 15th Ward
Logan YSA 16th Ward
Logan YSA 17th Ward
Logan YSA 48th Ward
Logan YSA 49th Ward

The Mpraeso Branch, Ghana Kumasi Mission, was created on 8 December. There are now 8 independent branches in the mission:

Agona-Asamang Branch
Bibiani Branch
Ghana Kumasi Mission Branch
Mampong Branch
Mpraeso Branch
Obuasi 1st Branch
Obuasi 2nd Branch
Obuasi 3rd Branch
Konongo Ghana District
Sunyani Ghana District

Mike Johnson said...

For some reason the El Alto Bolivia Litoral Stake (created on 1 December 2013) is showing up in CDOL as a Peru stake instead of a Bolivia stake. This despite the fact that all the wards in the stake are listed as being in La Paz, Bolivia.

Mike Johnson said...

I am no longer seeing the right hand column of the main page here, which usually lists the stakes and districts created and disestablished each year.

Matt said...

I am not sure why the site is doing that Mike...I notified Google and hopefully it will be resolved soon.

Mike Johnson said...

The Payson Veterans Home Branch (Care Center), Payson Utah West Stake, was created on 8 December. There are now 8 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Payson 6th Ward
Payson 8th Ward
Payson 10th Ward
Payson 11th Ward
West Mountain 1st Ward
West Mountain 2nd Ward
West Mountain 3rd Ward
West Mountain 4th Ward
Payson Veterans Home Branch (Care Center)

Fredrick said...

Last Sunday the Las Vegas Stake and the Las Vegas Sandstone Stake were merged into the Las Vegas Stake.

I'm not sure if any wards were dissolved, but they were a total of 13 wards between the two stakes before the merger.