Wednesday, December 4, 2013

First Stake to be Created in Togo This Sunday

Missionaries serving in the Benin Cotonou Mission report that the Church will organize its first stake in Togo this Sunday.  The Church in Togo organized its first and only district in Lome in December 2009 making just four years for the district to become a stake - perhaps the shortest period of time in the history of the Church in modern times for a district to become a stake in a country that has previously never had a stake organized before.  The Church has also experienced rapid congregational growth as the number of branches has increased from one in 2005 to five in 2012 and 11 early 2013.  Missionaries also report that a twelfth branch will be organized shortly (Kodjoviakope) and that a new member group or branch will also be created soon in the Baguida area.  The advancement of many of the branches into wards is a testament to good member activity and convert retention rates as recently organized branches have quickly reached the minimum standards to function as wards.

For more information on the Church in Lome please refer to a recently completed case study here.


Mike Johnson said...

I was just speculating about this on the "District Discontinued in Argentina" page.

12 branches in about a 10 km by 10 km area strikes me as probably getting close to becoming a stake.

CDOL has a branch created on 1 December in the Baguida area

Mike Johnson said...

The Brisa del Este and La Llave wards, Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Las Americas Stake, were created on 24 November. There are 7 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Andres Boca Chica Ward
Brisa del Este Ward
La Caleta Ward
La Llave Ward
Los Frailes 1st Ward
Los Frailes 2nd Ward
Los Molinos Ward
Nuevo Amanecer Branch
Valiente Branch

The Obuasi 3rd Branch, Ghana Kumasi Mission, was created on 24 November. There are now 7 independent branches in the mission:

Konongo Ghana District
Sunyani Ghana District
Agona-Asamang Branch
Bibiani Branch
Ghana Kumasi Mission Branch
Mampong Branch
Obuasi 1st Branch
Obuasi 2nd Branch
Obuasi 3rd Branch

Ed Clinch said...

My mom served as a Peace Corps nurse in Togo before joining the church, and I have always wanted to see LDS grow there. It is encouraging to see.

I think most of the non-Muslim nations now have our missionaries, n'est pas?

Matt said...

The new Lome Togo Stake includes 8 wards and 4 branches:

Ablogame Ward
Anfame Ward
Attiegou Ward
Be-Kpota Ward
Doumassesse Ward
Hedzranawoe Ward
Souzanetime Ward
Tokoin Ward
Adidogome Branch
Akodessewa Branch
Baguida Branch
Wuiti Branch

John Pack Lambert said...

It is very encouraging to see a stake in Togo. This is still only 5 countries in the Africa West Area with stakes. Although I can remember when it was only 3 countries in Africa with stakes, and it is now 12.

Hopefully Benin and Mozambique will also get stakes very soon.