Friday, December 6, 2013

Landmark LDS Almanac Now Available on Kindle

David Stewart and I have recently published our new book Reaching the Nations: International Church Growth Almanac: 2014 Edition, Volume I (the Americas, Oceania, and Europe) on for Kindle.  We are listing the Kindle edition for $20.  Click here for order on  We hope that many will utilize the Kindle edition of this massive comprehensive work considering Volume I is 976 pages.  The Kindle edition for Volume II (Asia and Africa) will be available within the next day or so.  Most of the information presented in the almanac is current as of mid-2013.  No other resource available provides as a complete and thorough examination and analysis of LDS growth trends on a country and regional level.

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Ed Clinch said...

East versus west. While the LDS Church is growing in dynamic ways in the Western hemisphere and Europe, plus Australia, where the "West" is ensconced, the Church is doing interesting and substantial growth in the "east", which is both Africa and Asia, non-traditional Christian areas.
Also, there are parts of the "West" that are more like the East, like parts of native American territories or indigenous parts of Latin America, Australia and even Europe. (Like the Lapps of the Scandinavia).

Interesting cultural divides and seeing how the church bridges them. One could argue that LDS have elements of the east, as far as it cultural community, too.

East or west, home is best.