Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Two New Stakes to be Created in France

Missionaries serving in France report that the Church will organize two new stakes in a couple weeks within the boundaries of the France Paris Mission.  Missionary reports indicate that the Church will realign stakes in the Paris area to create a third stake in Paris and that the Lorient France District will also become a stake.  The Angers France Stake appears like to be affected by the creation of these two stakes and several congregations in the Angers France Stake will likely to reassigned to one of the new stakes.

Currently there are nine stakes and one district in France.


Ryan Searcy said...

Wow, this is going to be a busy month in Europe! 4 new stakes! This is wonderful!

With the 2nd Rome stake, what do you think is going to happen with Naples and Sardinia Districts, as both will also take part in the conference?

Mike Johnson said...

The Abattoir Ward, Kinshasa Democratic Republic of the Congo Masina Stake, was created on 1 September. There are now 7 wards in the stake:

Abattoir Ward
Debonhomme Ward
Liberté Ward
Masina 1st Ward
N'Djili Ward
Sans-Fil Ward
Telecom Ward

The Central Valley 2nd Ward, Monroe Utah Stake, was created on 1 September. There are now 11 wards in the stake:

Annabella 1st Ward
Annabella 2nd Ward
Central Valley 1st Ward
Central Valley 2nd Ward
Elsinore 1st Ward
Joseph Ward
Monroe 1st Ward
Monroe 2nd Ward
Monroe 3rd Ward
Monroe 4th Ward
Monroe 5th Ward

The Mbieri Branch, Owerri Nigeria Stake, was created on 1 September. There are now 5 wards and 10 branches in the stake:

Akwakuma Ward
Ikenegbu Ward
Nekede Ward
Orji Ward
Owerri Ward
Amaimo Branch
Amakohia Branch
Atta Branch
Mbieri Branch
Nekede Poly Branch
New Owerri Branch
Ogwa Branch
Orlu Branch
Umundugba Branch
Uratta Branch

Mike Johnson said...

There are currently 6 stakes, 1 district, and 1 mission branch in the France Paris Mission, with a total of 42 wards and 29 branches. In addition to the Cherbourg Branch, the mission covers the following:

The Lorient France District has 6 branches:

Brest Branch
Lorient Branch
Quimper Branch
Saint Brieuc Branch
Saint Nazaire Branch
Vannes Branch

The Paris France East Stake has 8 wards and 3 branches:

Compiègne Ward
Meaux Ward
Melun Ward
Nogent Ward
Paris Lilas Ward
Reims Ward
Torcy Ward
Troyes Ward
Aulnay Branch
Auxerre Branch
Soissons Branch

The Paris France Stake has 8 wards and 3 branches:

Antony Ward
Caen Ward
Cergy-Pontoise Ward
Evry Ward
Mantes Ward
Paris Ward
Saint Ouen Ward
Versailles Ward
Chartres Branch
Le Havre Branch
Rouen Branch

The Nancy France Stake has 5 wards and 5 branches:

Luxembourg Ward
Metz Ward
Mulhouse Ward
Nancy Ward
Strasbourg Ward
Belfort Branch
Colmar Branch
Epinal Branch
Saint Die Branch
Toul Branch

The Lille France Stake has 6 wards and 4 branches:

Arras Ward
Calais Ward
Lille Ward
Saint Quentin Ward
Valenciennes Ward
Villeneuve D'Ascq Ward
Amiens Branch
Charleville-Mezieres Branch
Dunkerque Branch
Saint Omer Branch

The Angers France Stake has 8 wards and 5 branches:

Angers Ward
Cholet Ward
La Rochelle Ward
Le Mans Ward
Limoges Ward
Nantes Doulon Ward
Orléans Ward
Rennes Ward
Alençon Branch
Blois Branch
Bourges Branch
Poitiers Branch
Tours Branch

The Brussels Belgium Stake has 7 wards and 2 branches:

Brussels 1st Ward
Brussels 2nd Ward
Charleroi 1st Ward
Charleroi 2nd Ward
Mons Ward
Namur Ward
Nivelles Ward
Liege 1st Branch
Liege 2nd Branch

Adding 2 stakes would get it up to 8 stakes. It is possible that the mission could be entirely covered by stakes.

Mike Johnson said...

There are 18 wards and 25 branches in 3 stakes and 3 districts and 1 independent mission branch in the Italy Rome Mission:

Palermo Italy Stake (6 wards; 6 branches)
Puglia Italy Stake (5 wards; 3 branches)
Rome Italy Stake (7 wards; 2 branches)

Calabria Italy District (4 branches)
Naples Italy District (5 branches)
Sardegna Italy District (4 branches)
Mosta Branch

I can't see a new stake without the additional congregations and membership from the districts. At least 3 branches will need to become wards as well. It is possible that the Naples and Sardegna districts have branches ready to become wards, and a ward or two from the Rome stake, plus these districts might be enough for another stake.

The Chatelain's said...

I think the districts in Napoli and Sardegna will setup an East/West division of the stake. With 4 in Sardegna and 5 in Napoli districts, it would seem that most of the branches would become wards.

Ed Clinch said...

The development of the Church in France and Italy is interesting. From some of the anecdotal and other evidence that I have seen, both countries have a lot of baptismal activity with foreign immigrants; perhaps more than other European nations, which can be good and bad. The local membership might not get as much continued strength/continuity because of this.

Converting Africans in Paris and greater France can help worldwide growth, especially when they return to their home countries or beyond; proselyting South Americans in Rome can have the same two edged effect.

Aspects of the non-drinking nature of LDS can be a hindrance to many Europeans, and these two countries pride themselves so much on wine, which is considered even sacred to very devout people.

I can't help but think that Mitt Romney's campaign did not reflect well on the French image for our Church, since he criticized the country politically more than he seemed to embrace any love for the culture. Of course politics is tricky when it comes to pleasing groups.

I have said it before, but Mitt did not use his religion very well when it came to portraying himself, but now in retrospect it is easier to find fault with his coming up short last year. But I will repeat that he could have done much better with his image if he had shown more of his human side, (call that faith?), and some of it would be with his mission.

One of his five sons also served in France and he probably does not have a political future. Perhaps France is not built for building images, as knowing the language did no favors for John Kerry in 2004.

But more related to this current news, this is good news and I hope that the upcoming temples in both countries will inspire past and future members in being more active. Maybe more African and other foreign citizens will promote more growth as well.

Mike Johnson said...

The Iju Branch, Lagos Nigeria West Stake, was created on 1 September. There are now 7 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Agege Ward
Akowonjo Ward
Egbeda Ward
Ejigbo Ward
Ifako Ward
Ikotun Ward
Oshodi Ward
Ayobo Branch
Iju Branch

John said...

Another stake in Rome? Somehow I think it strange that Florence and Rimini districts in Milan mission _aren't_ invited. (That area was in Rome mission before 1990, and Florence district was again from 2002 to 2010.) Both have good rail connections to Rome - I wonder if a Florence or Bologna stake is in the works?

Matt said...

Just announced, that the Menifee California Stake will be spilt to form the Lake Elsinore California Stake, September 22. withdruc

Mike Johnson said...

The Hyde Park 2nd Ward, London England Hyde Park Stake, was created on 1 September. There are now 7 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Britannia YSA Ward
Hyde Park 1st Ward
Hyde Park 2nd Ward
Lea Valley Ward
London North Ward
Stratford Ward
Whitechapel Ward
South Kensington Branch (Portuguese)

Mike Johnson said...

Great news about the Menifee California Stake, which currently has 15 wards:

Canyon Lake Ward
El Cariso Ward (Spanish)
La Piedra Ward
Lake Elsinore Ward
Lake Perris Ward
Mapleton Ward
Menifee Lakes Ward
Newport YSA Ward
Ortega Ward
Paloma Valley Ward
Perris Ward
Sun City Ward
Temescal Canyon Ward
Tres Lagos Ward (Spanish)
Wildomar Ward

Mike Johnson said...

We just had stake conference this weekend. Elder Hallstrom of the Presidency of the Seventy and Elder Homer (Area Seventy responsible for eastern Canada) came. Elder Hallstrom said he was asked if he came to split our stake and he said no, but suggested it would happen soon enough. He indicated that with 13 wards and 2 branches and more than 5400 members and sufficient priesthood, we are getting close.

The mission president indicated that the Fredericksburg Stake currently has 45 missionaries assigned in two zones.

We always have 4-5 meetinghouses full for stake conference.

brycen said...

As I understood the article I read about the Rome stake conference, they're just getting a new stake presidency, not dividing the stake. I'm not sure where this idea of division originated. The two districts are also getting new presidencies. That's how I read the article about the apostle's visit to Rome.

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

The Gonzagueville Ward, Port-Bouet Cote d'Ivoire Stake, was created on 8 September. There are now 8 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Adjouffou Ward
Gonzagueville Ward
Jean-Folly Ward
Koumassi Ward
Marcory Ward
Port-Bouet Ward
Remblais Ward
Vridi Ward
Bonoua Branch
Grand-Bassam 1st Branch
Grand-Bassam 2nd Branch

The Ironwood Crossing 2nd Ward, Queen Creek Arizona North Stake, was created on 8 September. There are now 14 wards in the stake:

Cambria Ward
Cortina 1st Ward
Cortina 2nd Ward
Cortina 3rd Ward
Cortina 4th Ward
Crismon Ward
Desert Mountain Ward
Ironwood Crossing 1st Ward
Ironwood Crossing 2nd Ward
Ironwood Ward
Ranch Ward
Remington Heights Ward
Rittenhouse Ward
Vineyard Ward

The Las Lomas Ward, San Antonio Texas North Stake, was created on 8 September. There are now 8 wards in the stake:

Deerfield Ward
Las Lomas Ward
Monte Vista Ward (Spanish)
San Antonio 8th Ward
San Pedro Ward
Sonterra Ward
St Cloud Ward
Stone Oak Ward

The River View 7th and 10th Wards, Draper Utah River View Stake, were created on 8 September. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

River View 1st Ward
River View 3rd Ward
River View 4th Ward
River View 5th Ward
River View 6th Ward
River View 7th Ward
River View 8th Ward
River View 9th Ward
River View 10th Ward

The Zenu Branch, Tema Ghana Stake, was created on 8 September. There are now 9 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Adjei Kojo Ward
Ashaiman Ward
Batsona Ward
Bethlehem Ward
Lebanon Ward
Nungua 2nd Ward
Tema 1st Ward
Tema 2nd Ward
Tema 3rd Ward
Klagon Branch
Kpone Branch
Zenu Branch

Matt said...

Thanks Mike for the new unit creation updates! They are most helpful for keeping track of things. Hopefully we'll see your stake divide soon - I have been waiting for it for years.

John Pack Lambert said...

If the foriegners are really immigrants, it will probably mean local church growth. In my ward our relief society president is an immigrant and a convert, although she immigrated at a very young age and joined the church in her late teens about 20 years ago.

What might not build up local membership is if baptisms are of temporary workers or international students, people who are likely to go back to their home countries.