Monday, September 30, 2013

New District Created in Brazil

Members in Brazil report that last Sunday the Church created a new district in the Brazil Belo Horizonte Mission.  The Divinópolis Brazil District was created from a division of the Contagem Brazil Stake and appears to include the following four branches: The Divinópolis 1st, Divinópolis 2nd, Pará de Minas, and Itaúna Branches.  The new district becomes the Church's first new district to be created in Brazil since 2010.

There are now 249 stakes and 40 districts in Brazil.


Michael Worley said...


Would it be appropriate to post/bump a temple thread? I always appreciate the speculation/insight in the days before Conference, but I suspect it won't be active buried in the archives.

Ray said...

With this new district, at least 17 districts have been created in Brazil since 2000.

Mike Johnson said...

The Covenant Hills Ward, Mission Viejo California Stake, was created on 29 September. There are now 10 wards in the stake:

Alicia Park Ward
Avendale Ward
Covenant Hills Ward
Flintridge Ward
Las Flores Ward
Los Alisos Ward
Mission Viejo 1st Ward
Mission Viejo 2nd Ward
Mission Viejo 5th Ward (Spanish)
Saddleback YSA Ward

The Hurricane 22nd Ward, Hurricane Utah West Stake, was created on 29 September. There are now 12 wards in the stake:

Hurricane 1st Ward
Hurricane 2nd Ward
Hurricane 7th Ward
Hurricane 8th Ward
Hurricane 11th Ward
Hurricane 12th Ward
Hurricane 13th Ward
Hurricane 14th Ward
Hurricane 17th Ward
Hurricane 20th Ward
Hurricane 21st Ward
Hurricane 22nd Ward

The Spring Creek Ward, Farmington Utah West Stake, was created on 29 September. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Farmington Pointe Ward
Farmington Ranches 1st Ward
Farmington Ranches 2nd Ward
Farmington Ranches 3rd Ward
Farmington Ranches 4th Ward
Hunters Creek Ward
Meadows Ward
Quail Crossing Ward
Spring Creek Ward

The Viera 2nd Ward, Cocoa Florida Stake, was created on 29 September. There are now 9 wards in the stake:

Cocoa Ward
Ellsworth Ward
Melbourne Ward
Palm Bay 1st Ward
Palm Bay 2nd Ward
Rockledge Ward
Titusville Ward
Viera 1st Ward
Viera 2nd Ward

Matt said...
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Matt said...

I just live a stake away from Mission Viejo CA Stake and it's pretty amazing to see that now the planned community of Ladera Ranch of about 20,000 people has 4 wards (Las Flores, Flintridge, Avendale, Covenant Hills Wards). If an average ward has about 400-500 people on the rolls, Ladera Ranch is approaching 8-10% LDS, which for California standards, is pretty high...

Mike Johnson said...

The Divinópolis 1st and 2nd branches were downgraded from wards. I hope progress in the Divinópolis area has proceeded to the point where this change is positive for the members there. It is also possible that the former stake had reached a point where it could be a stake without these units.

John Pack Lambert said...

So are we likely to see a new stake in Hurricane soon?

Mike Johnson said...

This district still isn't listed as a new district in 2013.