Tuesday, April 30, 2013

New Stakes Created in Arizona and Mexico

Last Sunday new stakes were organized in Arizona and Mexico.

In Arizona, the Church created the Gilbert Arizona Williams Field Stake from the Gilbert Arizona Higley and Gilbert Arizona San Tan Stakes.  The new stake consists of the following six wards: The Chaparral, Fairview, Gateway, Pecos Park, Maplewood, and Stratland Wards.  There are now 95 stakes in Arizona.

In Mexico, the Church created the Mexico City Alamedas Stake from the Mexico City Valle Dorado Stake.  The new stake has the following five wards and one branch: The Alamedas, Lomas Lindas, Campestre, Colmena, and Nicolas Romero Wards and the Villa del Carbon Branch.  The Mexico City Valle Dorado Stake now has six wards.  The last new stake to be organized in the Mexico City area was in 2008.  For more information on the Church in Mexico City, refer to my case study here.  There are now 44 stakes in the Mexico City area and 227 stakes and 36 districts in Mexico.


Mike Johnson said...

I haven't seen these stakes yet, but it is only Tuesday. I'm sure they will show up soon.

On 28 March, the Reyes Branch, Bolivia La Paz Mission, was created.

James Anderson said...

The Arizona stake is named for a major east-west road in the area, and also an old US air force base (closed years ago and now operating as a commercial airport under a different name).

This is common for Gilbert, Val Vista and Greenfield were named for major roads by those nams, and San Tan, although it was for a mountain, is also the name of the freeway that goes through Gilbert as well. Other stakes were named for roads that run through Gilbert as well.

Mike Johnson said...

The Ramstein Military 2nd Ward, Kaiserslautern Germany Military Stake was created on 1 May. There are now 6 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Bitburg Military Ward
Heidelberg Military Ward
Kaiserslautern Military Ward
Ramstein Military 1st Ward
Ramstein Military 2nd Ward
Wiesbaden Military Ward
Baumholder Military Branch

Mike Johnson said...

The Winchester Branch, McMinnville Tennessee Stake was created on 28 April. There are now 8 wards and 3 branches in the stake:

Altamont Ward
Burgess Falls Ward
Cookeville Ward
Crossville Ward
Jamestown Ward
McMinnville 1st Ward
Tompkinsville Ward
Tullahoma Ward
McMinnville 2nd Branch (Spanish)
Sparta Branch
Winchester Branch

I have also confirmed the creation of the México City Alamedas Stake on 28 April. There are indeed 5 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Alamedas Ward
Campestre Ward
Colmena Ward
Lomas Lindas Ward
Nicolás Romero Ward
Villa del Carbon Branch

Mike Johnson said...

It has been 10 days since it was supposedly created, but the Gilbert Arizona Williams Field Stake is still not showing up in anything official. It isn't in CDOL, nor on LDS Maps. I have been searching for the wards in the two affected stakes to see if anybody directly involved has posted about it.

It is here, both in this article and in an earlier comment, and it is on LDSChurchTemples.org. But, nothing official yet.

Mike Johnson said...
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Mike Johnson said...

The Gilbert Arizona Williams Field Stake is now showing up, creation date 28 April.

The Antigua Guatemala Stake was created on 5 May. There are 6 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

San Pedro Las Huertas Branch
Antigua Ward
Ciudad Vieja Ward
Jocotenango Ward
Parramos Ward
San Lucas 1st Ward
San Lucas 2nd Ward