Monday, April 22, 2013

Membership by Country Statistics Released for 2012

Membership and congregation totals for nations with a reported LDS presence are now available on the Church's official website and can be found at Data is available under the country profiles on the right side of the site.

The 20 countries with the highest annual membership growth rates in 2012 are listed below. Lists for nations with the most rapid membership growth rates are also available for 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  The percentage next to the country name is the annual growth rate percentage which is followed by the country's LDS membership at year-end 2012. Countries in bold experienced a membership increase greater than 200. 
  1. Benin - 59.9% - 1,081
  2. Rwanda - 34.4% - 121
  3. Solomon Islands - 31.5% - 509
  4. Botswana - 27.1% - 2,152 
  5. Malawi - 22.9% - 1,421
  6. Angola - 20.9% - 1,257
  7. Togo - 19.7% - 1,861
  8. Jersey - 16.7% - 349
  9. Cape Verde - 16.2% - 9,326
  10. Ethiopia - 15.7% - 1,678
  11. Sierra Leone - 15.7% - 11,664
  12. Tuvalu - 14.9% - 200
  13. Madagascar - 14.6% - 9,190
  14. Cote d'Ivoire - 14.5% - 18,602
  15. Liberia - 14.4% - 6,709
  16. Democratic Republic of the Congo - 13.5% - 34,547
  17. Namibia - 13.2% - 763
  18. Malaysia - 13.1% - 8,967
  19. Vanuatu - 12.9% - 5,491
  20. Cameroon - 12.4% - 12.4%
Below is a list of the top ten countries by numerical increase in membership for the year 2012. Each country is provided with the national increase in membership and the percentage of this increase out of total Church membership increase. Lists are also available for 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.  72.6% of 2012 LDS membership increase can be attributed to the following 10 nations. 
  1. United States - 92,183 - 27.0%
  2. Mexico - 44,501 - 13.0%
  3. Brazil - 36,441 - 10.7%
  4. Peru - 18,947 - 5.6%
  5. Philippines - 13,568 - 4.0%
  6. Argentina - 12,655 - 3.7%
  7. Ecuador - 8,230 - 2.4%
  8. Guatemala - 7,958 - 2.3%
  9. Chile - 6,883 - 2.0%
  10. Honduras - 6,249 - 1.8%
I will provide additional analysis of these country-by-country statistics in the coming couple days.  Some interesting developments with these 2012 statistics include a significant increase in church membership for Guatemala and Ecuador that has not been experienced since the 1990s, church membership in the Central African Republic declining by 50% likely due to updating membership records, and church membership continuing to experience small gains in Norway that first began in 2009 after two decades of stagnant membership growth.


Mike Johnson said...

Thanks for posting the data.

Two newly created wards:

The Remblais Ward, Port-Bouet Cote d'Ivoire Stake was created on 21 April. There are now 7 wards and 2 branches in the stake:

Adjouffou Ward
Jean-Folly Ward
Koumassi Ward
Marcory Ward
Port-Bouet Ward
Remblais Ward
Vridi Ward
Grand-Bassam 1st Branch
Grand-Bassam 2nd Branch

The Vernon 2nd Ward, Vernon British Columbia Stake was created on 21 April. There are now 8 wards and 4 branches in the stake:

Kamloops 1st Ward
Kamloops 2nd Ward
Kelowna 2nd Ward
Kelowna 1st Ward
Penticton Ward
Salmon Arm Ward
Vernon 1st Ward
Vernon 2nd Ward
Clearwater Branch
Merritt Branch
Osoyoos Branch
Westbank Branch

Mike Johnson said...

The Cheyenne Wyoming East Stake was created on 21 April. There are 7 wards in the stake:

Buffalo Ridge Ward
Chimney Rock Ward
Eastridge Ward
Frontier Ward
Scottsbluff Ward
Sidney Ward
Sunrise Ward

Four are on the east side of Cheyenne. Two (including Chimney Rock) are in Scottsbluff, Nebraska. The Sidney Ward is also in Nebraska.

I had thought that maybe the westernmost units of the Kearney Nebraska stake might have been involved--that stake with 17 units has the most units of stake in the Church. The Cheyenne Stake used to have 14 wards, now each half has 7.

Mike Johnson said...

The Córdoba México Stake was created on 21 April. There are 5 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Córdoba Ward
Escamela Ward
Huilango Ward
Nuevo Córdoba Ward
Ojo de Agua Ward
Huatusco Branch

Mike Johnson said...

The Córdoba México Stake was created from the Orizaba México Stake, which now has 5 wards:

Ciudad Mendoza Ward
Jalapilla Ward
Nogales Ward
Orizaba Ward
Reforma Ward

Mike Johnson said...

The Haida Gwaii Branch, Terrace British Columbia District, Canada Vancouver Mission was created on 21 April. There are now 5 branches in the district:

Haida Gwaii Branch
Kitimat Branch
Prince Rupert Branch
Smithers Branch
Terrace Branch

The Thompsons Station 2nd Ward, Franklin Tennessee Stake was created on 21 April. There are now 9 wards and 1 branch in the stake:

Columbia Ward
Dickson Ward
Franklin 2nd Ward
Franklin 3rd Ward
Lawrenceburg Ward
Linden Ward
Spring Hill Ward
Thompsons Station 1st Ward
Thompsons Station 2nd Ward
Fairview Branch

Ray said...

Mike, weren't there 2 branches created in BC recently, as well as the Vernon 2d Ward? There have been three branches and one new ward created in Canada in the last 2 or 3 weeks, with hardly any other new units created in years in Canada before these.

Mike Johnson said...

Ray, the Vernon 2nd Ward and the Haida Gwaii Branch, both created on 21 April and already posted in this thread, are the only new units I am aware of created in British Columbia in the past several months.

Mike Johnson said...

Ray, have you counted the Cardston YSA Branch, Cardston Alberta Stake created on 14 April?

The BC ward and branch and this branch are the only Canadian units I am aware of created in the last month.

There was a Arbour Lake Ward in Alberta created in January.

Hopefully there are more that I haven't found yet. I will look for them.

Ray said...

Matt, most of the growth continues to be in North America, with Mexico and the United States alone accounting for close to half. With South America included close to 80% of the growth is in the Western Hemisphere, although the Philippines and Nigeria in the Eastern Hemisphere are doing extremely well.

Have you determined the amount of growth that has occurred in the non-reporting countries? From the statistical report reported in Conference and then compared to Dec. 31, 2012 CDOL figures, there appear ti be a little over 100 branches in those countries.

John Pack Lambert said...

I have to wonder if Liberia may be getting close to getting a stake again, but they might hold off on that. It is encoraging to see it on the list though. With Botswana, Angola and Liberia each getting their own missions growth in those countries may pick up even more, and it might also pick up in Sierre Leone now that they do not have to share a mission with Liberia. I also wonder if this might lead to opening neighboring countries like Senegal and Guinea to missionary work.

John Pack Lambert said...

I noticed you accidentally listed the percentage growth state for Camaroon twice and did not list the membership number. It is 1,277 with 6 branches, although the article says 2 branchs and 200 members. How often do they update the summaries of church membership for the countries involved?

John Pack Lambert said...

I have to wonder if Camerron, Rwanda/Burundi and Ethipopia will not get missions soon. Another place that could get a mission is Malawi with high growth, 14 million people and the Zambia Mission still covering a large area, I could see that mission being split.

The Democratic Republic of the Congo has almost twice as many members as the next highest membership in the fastest grwoing countries.

I would also not be surprised to see a second stake in Sierre Leone.

John Pack Lambert said...

As far as I can tell Burundi is not reported, at least not as such. Is there not at least one branch there?

Alos, does the church not have a clear presence in Gabon, which also seems to not have been reported.

bball4ever said...

Since we are talking about new units. A new stake was created today 4/28/13. The Williams Field Stake, In Gilbert Arizona. The Higley stake and the San Tan Stake split off to form the Williams Field Stake. The Higley Stake consists of 7 wards:
Ashley Heights Ward
Bella Vista Ward
Cooley Station Ward
Copper Ranch Ward
Gateway Gardens Ward
Higley Ward
Summerfield Ward
The New Williams Field Stake consists of 6 wards:
Chaparral Ward
Fairview Ward
Gateway Ward
Pecos Park Ward
Maplewood Ward (from San Tan Stake)
Stratland Ward (from San Tan Stake)
If these areas keep on developing new homes as they are currently doing we will eventually see more wards and stakes in the near future.

Ray said...

John Pack Lambert, The CDOL report shows Burundi with 2 branches.

Mike Johnson said...

You can read about the establishment of the Church in Burundi at

The current mission president in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Brent Jamison), was serving in the DRC as a member of the mission presidency in 2010 when he, his wife, another senior couple, and 8 elders were sent to open Burundi. It is fascinating story.

They add to the story in a February 2013 entry:
when one of their first baptisms in Burundi began serving in the Kinshasa mission.

Ray said...

Mike, I heard a sister in Richmond Ward in Vancouver today talk about 2 new branches in the Terrace District formed at a recent District conference. One was Haida Gwaii, as you reported, and the other was the reopening of Kitimat Branch which had been active in prior years. That accounts for the 2 new BC branches.

Mike Johnson said...

Thanks, Ray. The Kitimat Branch shows up as being active since 1980.

Mike Johnson said...

I wonder if this might be the opposite of some branches in Arizona. In Arizona, there are branches that cease to operate in the summer, but attract up to 800 each week in the winter because of the snow birds.

I wonder if it is possible that the Terrace area has people that spend the summer there and flee for the winter and thus the nearby Kitimat Branch shuts down each winter and opens up again each summer, without officially closing the branch.