Saturday, April 27, 2013

New Stake in Mexico

A new stake was created in Mexico last Sunday.  The Córdoba México Stake was created from the Orizaba México Stake and includes the Córdoba, Escamela, Huilango, Nuevo Córdoba, and Ojo de Agua Wards and the Huatusco Branch.  The Church in Mexico has experienced stagnant congregational growth for the past several years but has had at least a couple new stakes organized each year during this period.  This suggests that member activity and convert retention rates remain problematic but there may be some progress in leadership development.

There are now 226 stakes and 36 districts in Mexico.


Ray said...

Matt, this stake is the result of a division of an existing stake, and most new stakes are carved out of existing stakes. I'm wondering if you have done some research to determine how many former district branches have become wards through stake creation?

I started to do this for 2012 and found what I believe were 11 stakes that were created from prior districts. Is this about right? In some cases I had to make a guess, so you would be in a better position to verify this.

If this is true, the 100 or so fewer branches in a year actually don't represent a decrease since an equal number (or close to it) have gone on to be come wards. Thanks for the information on this new stake, Matt!

John Pack Lambert said...

It is good to see the church growing in Vera Cruz State. Hopefully we will see the recent increse in the number of missions in Mexico lead to more stakes. The Vera Cruz Mission was split last year, although I do not know if that relates to this stake split in Vera Cruz.

Mike Johnson said...

The Highland Ridge Ward, Mesa Arizona Desert Ridge Stake was created on 28 April. There are now 10 wards in the stake:

Augusta Ranch 1st Ward
Augusta Ranch 2nd Ward
Bella Via Ward
Desert Valley Ward
Highland Ridge Ward
Madero Ward
Mesquite Canyon Ward
Mountain Ranch Ward
Santa Rita Ward
Stratford Estates Ward

There will be a ward created from the Woodbridge, Lakeridge 1st, and Lakeridge 2nd wards of the Woodbridge Virginia Stake next Sunday.