Wednesday, March 27, 2013

District Discontinued in Paraguay

The Church recently discontinued a district in Paraguay.  Originally organized in 1988, the Caaguazú Paraguay District was consolidated with the neighboring Coronel Oviedo Paraguay District.  Two branches were closed as part of the consolidation of the two districts, namely the Coronel Oviedo 3rd and Coronel Oviedo 4th Branches.  Missionaries currently serving in effected branches report that this consolidation was motivated by mission leaders preparing for a stake in the near future.  The realigned Coronel Oviedo Paraguay District now contains eight branches.

The discontinuation of the Caaguazú Paraguay District marks the first district closure for 2013.  The Church has experienced highly concerning convert retention and member activity problems within the past few years as church membership has increased by 10,000 but the number of wards and branches has remained unchanged.

There are now 10 stakes and 10 districts in Paraguay.

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