Thursday, February 16, 2012

New District Created in Papua New Guinea

Missionaries serving in Papua New Guinea report that the 12th district in the country was organized on February 14th.  The Sepik River Papua New Guinea District was created in northern Papua New Guinea and likely includes four branches in Angoram, Moim, Pinang, and Wewak which previously pertained to no stake or district.  Rapid growth in the number of active members appears to have occurred among these four branches as mission leadership was anticipating up to 3,000 in attendance at the organization of the new district, but due to poor weather conditions only 300 attended the conference.  The new district becomes the sixth district in the country created by the Church within the past two years.

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TempleRick said...

The branches in the Sepik River Papua New Guinea District include the Angoram Branch, Kambaramba Branch, Kambrindo Branch, Moim Branch, Pinang Branch, and Wewak Branch.