Monday, February 20, 2012

Additional Case Study Essays Posted on

In coordination with David Stewart at, we have posted an additional nine church growth case study essays.  Topics explored in these recently completed essays are listed below:
We are in the process of editing and writing an additional 13 case study essays on the following topics:
  • Projecting LDS membership growth
  • LDS ethnic minority outreach in the United States
  • Assessing member activity
  • Prospective LDS outreach among Hmong (Miao) populations in China and Southeast Asia
  • Top five encouraging and discouraging church growth developments: 2006-2011
  • LDS Church growth among the Miskito of Nicaragua
  • Comparing LDS Church growth in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • Self-sufficiency and LDS growth
  • LDS growth in Benin City, Nigeria
  • Successful LDS national outreach expansion in Hungary
  • LDS growth among Slovak immigrants in Sheffield, England
  • LDS temples and growth
  • Reasons for implementing quick-baptism approaches in the LDS Church
 To view all completed case studies to date, click here.

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