Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recent Church Growth News

First LDS branch organized in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo

The first LDS branch was recently organized in Uvira, DR Congo.  The Uvira Branch becomes the first LDS branch ever organized in the entire eastern or northern areas of the country.  Beginning in 2008, the Church has begun to organize new branches in previously unreached cities such as Gandajika, Kakanda, Kasumbalesa, Kipushi, Matadi, and Mwene-Ditu but with the exception of Matadi all of these cities are located within a day's drive from a city that already had an LDS congregation.  The organization of the new branch in Uvira was made possible by the opening of Burundi to missionary work one year ago and the diligence of local members in the Uvira area to cross the border and frequently attend church services in Bujumbura.

New branches in Malaysia; new ward in Singapore

Three new branches have recently been organized in Malaysia: The Cheras, Kota Kinabalu 2nd, and Masai Branches.  The Cheras Branch was organized in Kuala Lampur and the Masai Branch was organized in the Johore Bahru area.  A ninth ward in the Singapore Stake was also recently organized.  With ongoing congregational growth in the region, Singapore appears to be a likely candidate for a future temple within the next decade especially when districts in Malaysia mature into stakes. 

Rapid membership growth in Uganda

Full-time missionaries serving in the Uganda Kampala Mission report that the mission has so far in 2011 baptized over 1,600 converts, breaking previous records for the number of converts baptized in a single year since the mission was organized in 2005.  Convert retention appears moderate but particularly high in cities which recently had branches organized (Gulu, Lira, Masaka, Mbale, and Njeru).  Several senior missionary couples have recently been assigned to these cities and are providing valuable humanitarian and development work in addition to often working with church administrative affairs in these newly created branches.  Some of these congregations have over 150 attending church services on Sundays.

Malawi to be dedicated for missionary work

On the heels of the organization of the new Zambia Lusaka Mission and the creation of several new branches and groups in Malawi, members report that Elder Russell M. Nelson of the Quorum of the Twelve will visit Malawi and offer a formal dedicatory prayer for the nation.  Malawi currently pertains to the Zambia Lusaka Mission and LDS congregations operate in Blantyre (4), Lilongwe (3), and Liwonde.  With nearly 16 million inhabitants, Malawi appears a very favorable nation to have its first LDS mission organized in the near future.


Tom said...

The Church is definitely gaining momentum in the Democratic Republic of the Congo now.

Congregation numbers are shooting up. At the end of 2009 this country only had 79 congregations, as we speak it now has 105.

The church growing this fast, will turn this nation, the poorest on earth, struck by violence, corruption, extreme poverty, into zion...

eventually the church here will become bigger than in any other African nation. It could gain 1 million active members very easily in the space of 50 years if growth is matured and cared for correctly!

DoctorTruth said...
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alien236 said...

Matt, something worries me. I know the growth among Africans is most likely due to their humility after all their trials, but there is also the fact that on the whole they have a lot less access to anti-Mormon material. Do you think if/when the internet and such become more prevalent in Africa, we will see a slowdown in growth?

DoctorTruth said...


I think the claims that the internet automatically damages growth to the church is an overestimated and largely unproven one.

Although it has made some people more against the church, it has never ever cut baptismal rates down in any country as far as I know.

By the time full internet access reaches Africa, the church will be so big there that there will be more pro-LDS material in existence than Anti which would soften any potential blows.

BNI said...

Tom, even moreso now that the DRC is getting a temple.

Tom said...

Another Branch has just been created in the Democratic republic of the congo.

Total congregations in that country is now 106.

Tom said...

In addition to that it is now worth noting that the church in the Democratic Republic of the Congo is now bigger than what it is in france!

*they have higher activity
*more stakes
*more wards

Within a year they will also have more members. The church is now bigger here I think than any other french speaking country in the world (correct me if I am wrong!)