Monday, October 24, 2011

New District in Taiwan

A new district was organized in Taiwan.  The Chia Yi Taiwan District was created from the Tainan Taiwan and Chung Hsing Taiwan Stakes and includes the following six branches: The Chia Yi 1st, Chia Yi 2nd, Hsin Ying, Hu Wei, Taipo, and Tou Liu Branches.  Of these six branches, four were wards in their previously assigned stakes.  The LDS Church has experienced stronger growth than most missionary-minded Christian denominations in Taiwan within the past few decades but continues to struggle with low member activity and convert retention rates.  The new district appears unlikely to become a stake within the near future until additional congregations are organized and operating units increase in the number of active members.  No stakes in Taiwan appear close to dividing within the near future.  Taipei Taiwan West Stake is now the stake with the most congregations in the country with nine wards and one branch.

There are now 11 stakes and two districts in Taiwan.

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