Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Stakes in Alabama, Peru, and the Philippines; New District in Peru


The LDS Church's seventh stake in Alabama will be organized at the end of October according to members living in the Huntsville area.  The Madison Alabama Stake will be organized from the Huntsville Alabama Stake and include seven congregations.  The new stake will be the first new LDS stake organized in Alabama since the Dothan Alabama Stake in 1986.


Last Sunday a new stake was created in Arequipa and a new district was created in Casma.  The Arequipa Perú Paucarpata Stake was organized from the Arequipa Perú Manuel Prado Stake includes six wards.  The new stake becomes Peru's 98th stake and the seventh stake in the city of Arequipa.  Prospects appear very favorable for a temple announcement for Arequipa within the near future.  In northern Peru, the Casma Perú District was organized from the Chimbote Perú South Stake and appears to consist of five branches in the southern coastal areas of the Ancash Region.  There are now 23 districts in Peru.

The Philippines

A new stake was created in northern Luzon in Santiago last Sunday.  The Santiago Philippines North Stake was organized from the Santiago Philippines Stake and includes the following five wards: The Baluarte, Ramon, Rizal 1st, Rizal 2nd, and Santiago 3rd Wards.  Congregational growth has increased throughout the Northern Luzon region within the past year as several new wards have been organized in the largest cities and several branches have matured into wards.  There are now 82 stakes and 85 districts in the Philippines.


Irwin said...

Hello I'm from Peru thanks for the info Matt, I know what are the 5 branches of Casma Peru District only know the names of 3 branches, Casma, Cumorah and Huarmey, what are the other 2?.
On the new stake in Arequipa would like to know how to stay organized, because Arequipa Peru Manuel Prado Stake had 10 wards and now Arequipa Peru Paucarcota Stake has 6 wards, what are the wards for each stake?, thanks in advance.
Excuse me if my English is not very good, I'm learning.

Matt said...

The other two branches in the Casma Peru District are the Cachipampa and San Jacinto Branches.

The new stake in Arequipa includes the Casa Blanca, Cesar Vallejo, Ciudad Blanca, Miguel Grau, Nueva Alborada, and Villa El Golf Wards. The Manuel Prado Stake also has six wards, two of which were taken from the Selva Alegre stake, and include the Alto Misti, Lambramani, Manuel Prado, Mariano Melgar, Miraflores, and Quince de Agosto Wards.

Irwin said...

Thanks Matt, an announcement of temple to Arequipa is probable, I have the Temple District, includes 18 stakes and 7 districts:

Arequipa Perú Central Stake
Arequipa Perú Hunter Stake
Arequipa Perú Manuel Prado Stake
Arequipa Perú Paucarpata Stake
Arequipa Perú Selva Alegre Stake
Arequipa Perú Umacollo Stake
Arequipa Perú Zamácola Stake
Cusco Perú Stake
Cusco Perú Inti Raymi Stake
Ilo Perú Stake
Juliaca Perú Stake
Moquegua Perú Stake
Puno Perú Bellavista Stake
Puno Perú Central Stake
Sicuani Perú Stake
Tacna Perú Stake
Tacna Perú Alameda Stake
Tacna Perú Arias Araguez Stake

Ayaviri Perú District
Camaná Perú District
Juli Perú District
Mollendo Perú District
Puerto Maldonado Perú District
Quillabamba Perú Cuzco District
Valle Sagrado Perú District

The future Trujillo Peru Temple District includes, 28 stakes and 7 districts:

Casa Grande Perú Stake
Cajamarca Perú Stake
Chiclayo Perú Stake
Chiclayo Perú Central Stake
Chiclayo Perú El Dorado Stake
Chiclayo Perú La Victoria Stake
Chiclayo Perú Latina Stake
Chimbote Perú Stake
Chimbote Perú Buenos Aires Stake
Chimbote Perú South Stake
Huaraz Perú Stake
Iquitos Perú Stake
Iquitos Perú Nueve de Octubre Stake
Iquitos Perú Punchana Stake
Jaén Perú Stake
Piura Perú Castilla Stake
Piura Perú Central Stake
Piura Perú Miraflores Stake
Pomalca Perú Stake
Sullana Perú Stake
Trujillo Perú Central Stake
Trujillo Perú East Stake
Trujillo Perú Esperanza Stake
Trujillo Perú Laureles Stake
Trujillo Perú Palermo Stake
Trujillo Perú Porvenir Stake
Trujillo Perú Primavera Stake
Tumbes Perú Stake

Casma Perú District
Guadalupe Perú La Libertad District
Moyobamba Perú District
Paita Perú District
Talara Perú District
Tarapoto Perú District
Virú Perú District

Matt said...

Nice work.

Paul and Janelle said...


I really enjoy your blog. Where do you get information regarding new wards and branches?

Paul Lund
Evans, GA, USA

Tyler said...

The Madison Alabama Stake was organized today (October 30) from the Huntsville, Alabama and Chattanooga, Tennessee Stakes. The Huntsville Stake has the following units: the Byrd Springs Ward, the Capshaw Ward, the Ft. Payne Branch (moved from the Chattanooga Stake), the Huntsville (Spanish) Branch, the Fayetteville (Tennessee) Ward, the Sparkman Ward, the Weatherly Ward, and the Winchester Ward. The new Madison Stake contains the following wards: the Athens Ward, the Cullman Ward, the Decatur Ward, the Guntersville Ward, and the Madison 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Wards. The Chattanooga Stake remains unchanged, except for the transfer of the Ft. Payne branch to the Huntsville Stake.

Tyler said...

The Scottsboro Ward is also in the Huntsville Stake.