Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Stake Discontinued in Utah

A couple Sundays ago a stake was discontinued in the Salt Lake City area in Utah.  Formerly consisting of six wards, the Bennion Heights Utah Stake was discontinued and consolidated with the neighboring Bennion Utah and Bennion Utah West Stakes.  As part of the stake realignment, four wards were discontinued among the three stakes originally covering the area, including the Bennion 15th, Bennion Heights 4th, Bennion Heights 7th, and Ridgecrest 2nd Wards.  Currently the Bennion Utah Stake has eight wards and the Bennion Utah West Stake has seven wards and a branch.  There are 556 stakes and one district in Utah at present.


John said...

I was once a part of the Bennion Heights Stake many years ago and the way the members treated people who were from out of state or not part of the was deplorable. In the ward that my family and I were in (Bennion Heights 7th) Antarctica was warmer. Very little fellowshipping, major emphasis on money and the more that you had the better and a tremendous amount of not really following the brethren. Maybe they can learn how to follow the brethren and develop a more testimony of the church which will help them in the years to come.

Jon T. said...

On August 21 the Bennion Heights 7th ward was split 3 ways into 3 wards: 1) the Bennion Heights Ward (which is the new name given to what was the Bennion Heights 2nd Ward up until 8/21/11 which also got a brand-new Bishopric the next week), the Hazelhurst Ward, and the Bernina Ward (which is the new name given to what was the Bennion Heights 1st Ward up until 8/21/11). I am the Ward Mission Leader of the Bernina Ward, and will do all I can to involve as many people as are willing to participate, in the friend-shipping process. I have lived here for 35 1/2 years, having moved here with 1 child in April 1976 when the ward was called the Bennion 7th Ward. I now have 5 children and 9 grandchildren. We love this area and have worked hard to make it a friendly and well-organized area. We will continue working with that goal in mind.